Saturday, May 29, 2010

Its the time to reveal the Hidden topic

Date for Blog-a-Ton 11: Jun 5, 2010

Before I declare the topic for this Blog-a-Ton, lets welcome the new Blog-a-Tonics:
  • Sanjay (Please provide a valid bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Adarsh
  • J. Sharma (Please provide a valid bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Geetanjali Juneja (Please provide a valid bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Chandan (Please provide a valid bloglink to be blogrolled)
In this edition, we received some great suggestions and I must congratulate everyone for taking this event to a higher level. Of all the topics, the Blog-a-Tonics have overwhelmingly voted for Hidden.

Leo deserves a special mention for suggesting  yet another winning topic after the last month's Escape.

While dealing with the topic 'Hidden', you have the freedom to treat it the way you want. Its upto you; which genre of writing you choose, i.e. simple essay-type, article, dialogue, short story (even 55 Fiction for that matter), poem or whatever you feel like.

Moreover, its upto you; which mood or tone you choose to set it in, i.e. serious, witty, humour, optimistic or whatever that comes to you naturally.

Again, you have the freedom to choose the language of communication. However, we'll suggest you to write in English to put across your views to the maximum members which will also help you when its the time to vote for the BATOM.

I hope this clarification helps the new Blog-a-Tonics.

So, you all have ample time to write it but you'll have to wait till Jun 5 to post it finally along with everyone else.

Please write your posts on time as the late entries will not be allowed to participate in the voting round (though the links will be added to the participants list).

Other rules regarding posting will be conveyed to you later.

So kindly wait for that notification on next Friday rather than putting up queries right now. If the queries are regarding general pattern of the event, please go through the posts about previous events.

Wishing you all, a free flow of thoughts
Blog-a-Tonically yours


  1. hmmm congo Leo... am so not gonna miss it this time...

  2. btw just notices... follower count goes 420... abhi sai number laga :P

  3. @Tavish - Missed your hattrick by not participating last time, dude. Best of luck for this Blog-a-ton. Maybe we can have 420 as topic for next blog-a-ton.

  4. but wat if i hide my post... is it eligible still o_O

  5. Hidden.. nice topic.. looking forward to being a part of Blog -a- ton!!

  6. @Sid

    it is eligible just like my escape post. :D

    Agli baar kya topic hoga? Khallas? or Finished?

  7. nice topics dear.....u opened the way for beginers

  8. nice topic...plan to submit a writeup soon :)

  9. Cant we submit a day in advance, or a day later. The post is ready but i m not available on 5th June!!

    Pls guide, participating for the first time!

  10. Hey Viyoma, you can just schedule ur post for 4th-5th midnight and mail me ur bloglink.. I'll post ur link myself :)

  11. Hey Vipul...
    This is Geetanjali Juneja
    My blogroll is