Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time to REVEAL the BATOM 11

Before the World gets drenched in the Football Frenzy, its time to bring Blog-a-Ton 11 to an end. And as always, we bid farewell by declaring the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month.

But before I do that, let's welcome the new members of this ever-growing family;
  • Ketan
  • Zeba Siddiqui (Please provide a bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • SDeah (Please provide a bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Kajal Iyer (Please provide a bloglink to be blogrolled)
You all will be blogrolled soon!

So now, it is the time for the REVELATION...

As evident, each vote from a participant =2 cheers whereas from non-participants =1 cheer

Vibhuti Bhandarkar Nayak's attempt to bring all the detective legends - Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and Robert Langdon - together in this cell-phone-laptop-USB drive era has bagged her the Blog-a-Ton of the Month award. Congratulations. Your BATOM badge award has been mailed to you.

Gyanban and Leo once again manage to grab the runners-up position. I wish them all the best for the coming editions.

You all can also read the voting comments now. Just click here to find who all voted for you or liked your entry and what they had to say about it!

P.S. Some votes which were highly incompatible with the rules have been discarded while compiling the results though they are kept visible in the comments section and some votes might not be visible as they were directly mailed to me. Moreover, remember only those bloggers have valid votes who had been welcomed and blogrolled on Friday's Reminder post or who joined later but participated in the event.

And friends before I leave, I must remind you once again about our plans for Blog-a-Ton's First Anniversary celebrations. Following are the city wise Meet Marshals
  • New Delhi - Richa Sharma - er.richa.sharma[at]
  • Pune - Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe - hi5[at]
  • Mumbai - Rashi aka Psychedchick -rashiv[at]
  • Hyderabad - Tavish Chaddha -tavish.chadha[at]
  • Kolkatta - Sourav C. Pandey - sourav.c.pandey[at]
Kindly mail them if you are interested in joining the Blog-a-Ton First Anniversary Meet on July 4, 2010. Any correspondence between the meet marshals and the other blog-a-tonics should be cc-ed to me, vipul.grover[at] in order to keep me in the loop.

I am still waiting for someone to volunteer from Bengaluru and Chennai. Kindly reply asap. As for those interested to attend from these cities can mail me directly. Once we have a volunteer marshal from your city, he/she will take over.

Will be back soon with Blog-a-Ton 12
Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. Wow!! Congrats Vibzz!!! :D Leo and GyanBan too!! You were not very far from the top!!

    Thanks to Vibhuti, Leo, The Fool and Tikuli for those votes!! :D Really made my day!! Its as good as winning top spot for me since it came from 4 top writers!! :)

  2. Hey Vibhuti! Wow!!! Congrats Girl you really were the best. also accolades to Leo and Gyanban. as always there were so many wonderful entries that it was very difficult to choose only 3 to vote.

    Alas!! Looks like I will have to wait some more for my First vote but no worries, with time patience I shall get that as well. And friends as always will welcome your comments and suggestions on my Blog Remember its only through your support that I can grow as a writer and provide you something worth voting for.

    Love you all.

    Looking forward to the meet in Delhi

  3. Congratulations Vibhuti!!
    Well Done :)

    Also heartiest wishes to Leo and Gyanban.

  4. Congrats Vibhuti.

    I have been quite busy of late bcoz of which I couldnt participate. I couldnt even find time to read any of the BATOM entries...

    Hopefully, I'll be back in the next BATOM..

    congratulations to Leo and Gyanban too

  5. congos Vibz.. well done.. ur fiction got the job done! :)

    2nd again? :P thats a jinx i've to change soon.. get to top! wont be easy, but i'll do my best :)

  6. Congrats, Vibuthi on winning BATON. Long deserved. Congrats Gyan and Leo for coming second again.

    Thanks Scribbling girl, Rumya and Gyan for voting for me. Interestingly two of the people I voted for have voted for me as well.

    Thanks Gkam for mentioning me in your vote

  7. Congratulations!Vibz

    I have not been much regular in blogosphere for quite a while so Have not read last few editions.

    Hope marshal is planning some punishment for me.

    Keep Blogging..Keep Smiling.

  8. HEY guys, Thanks a ton for all your wishes.
    Extremely obliged by your votes too...I really feel proud to have won the BATOM 11 with votes from such prolific and renowned writers from the blogosphere. I take this as a very healthy start to my fiction writing career.. reiterated thanks to our Marshal as well for presenting me with such a platform! :D virtual hugs to all..:))

  9. Congratulations to the winners! :) And thanks for the mention here. Here's the blog link you'll asked for:

    It's a travel blog.

    I'm also, just starting out with a news blog. may want to check that out too:

    Really excited to be a part of this community!

  10. Hi,

    Can i be a Chennai volunteer?

    - Keerthi J

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