Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lets Travel through Time !!!

Date for Blog-a-Ton 8: March 6, 2010

Lets welcome the new Blog-a-Tonics first of all :
You all will be blogrolled soon.

After one of the most keenly debated Topic discussion, Blog-a-Tonics have voted for Time Travel as the topic for Blog-a-Ton 8.  And once again I must congratulate Debosmita for suggesting this topic. Yup, she also suggested 'What if' which was the topic for previous blog-a-ton. 

I must also congratulate Vibhuti for suggesting the topic 'The Tiger', another favourite this time, and her conviction towards the cause.

While dealing with the topic 'Time Travel', you have the freedom to treat it the way you want. Its upto you; which genre of writing you choose, i.e. simple essay-type, article, dialogue, short story (even 55 Fiction for that matter), poem or whatever you feel like.

Moreover, its upto you; which mood or tone you choose to set it in, i.e. serious, witty, humour, optimistic or whatever that comes to you naturally.

Again, you have the freedom to choose the language of communication. However, we'll suggest you to write in English to put across your views to the maximum members which will also help you when its the time to vote for the BATOM.

I hope this clarification helps the new Blog-a-Tonics.

So, you all have ample time to write it but you'll have to wait till Mar 6 to post it finally along with everyone else.

Please write your posts on time as the late entries will not be allowed to participate in the voting round (though the links will be added to the participants list).

Other rules regarding posting will be conveyed to you later.

So kindly wait for that notification on next Friday rather than putting up queries right now. If the queries are regarding general pattern of the event, please go through the posts about previous events.
Wishing you all, a free flow of thoughts
Blog-a-Tonically yours


  1. Just an FYI - It should be March 6th and not Feb 6th :)

  2. This time hopefully, I am in! Though the topic... sigh! Too tough for the unimaginative me!

  3. Are you sure we have to post on 6 march and not sometime in the future and then wait for the post to time travel in the past?

    O maybe we publish in d past and it comes to the future....


  4. Hopefully..this time i shall join in the crew...been really a tough schedule past few weeks!! phew!

  5. @Sid.. I think it is clearly written in the post in bold and in red and in larger fonts..

    Other rules regarding posting will be conveyed to you later.

    So just keep quite and get down to write :p

  6. @Siddesh:

    Or let's just not write it NOW... we could just move forward in time at speeds greater than that of light and find that the post has already been written! :V

  7. @Vipul
    Thank you for letting us all know the subject of "Blog-a-ton 8"! And hey, the link of my blog is

    Please blogroll it, soon, bro! By the way, can you provide me a link by which I can know more about the entire thing about blog-a-ton, as I'm new here! :|

  8. Hi Vipul,thanks for the special mention! :D
    I suppose you meant "Blog-a-Tonics have voted for Time Travel as the topic for Blog-a-Ton 8 (not 7)!"
    I like this topic 'Time Travel' too but I dont know how far my imagination will take me? :P

  9. Marshal

    you are really in tight schedule. take some rest dude.


  10. @arjit do some excavation of older posts here..and follow the fb page

    youl know evrything you need to..

    for now. be ready with your post and return here to see the rules..there is no complexity in rules here..(and breach of any wont culminate into beheading too :P )

    all the best and welcome here..

  11. blog-a-ton 7 helped me get new friends.. looking forward to numbr 8...
    I am almost in!

  12. Vipul,
    One suggestion!
    Can you make this blog a DOFOLLOW blog. This will help the blog-a-tonics, I suppose!

  13. Aahhh....thank you. Waiting for the next friday though i have already started working on my stuff :)

  14. @Arjit.. hey, go through this link -
    i hop it helps u :)

    @Jayanta.. didnt get u buddy.. wat do u mean by dofollow??

    @Makk.. thnx 4 the cncrn buddy.. keep participating nd make my effrt worthwhile :)

    @Vibhuti and TD.. looking fwd to ur posts frnds :)

  15. pity ! won't participate this time...travelling..u guys have fun...blogging

  16. Can we automate voting? Using some poll tool/widget or something which can also record who voted for what? Then Vipul, your job will be to just verify that the voting was fair. What say??

  17. Hey how about rating all the participant posts instead of voting one? Post with highest rates can be announced as winner.

  18. Hey.. I like the Idea of Nethra !! There should be rating of participants !!!!

  19. @Ash.. definitely a good suggestion.. so u having any idea of sch application??

    @Nethra.. Well, right now implementing it for this blog-a-ton wont b possibl as it needs 2 b wrked out.. cn u mail me how xactly cn v implement it?

  20. Hopefully I will be participating too this time..

  21. Vipul
    I have mailed. Please check your mail. Do share my idea but not the exact mail with other bloggers here. :)

  22. I wont able to post my link tomorrow.

    Can i do that now??

  23. @Makk.. i hv removd ur comment as of now.. i'll personally post ur link later..

  24. Hi,

    Thanks for the welcome. :) It is a really nice gesture and I appreciate it. Here is my blog URL:



  25. Oh. Missed the bus this time.
    Lovely write ups here :).