Sunday, September 6, 2009

Now EVERY Blog-a-Tonic can VOTE for the BATOM!

Voting is Over. BATOMS for Sep, 2009 are Govind and Indian Pundit.

Its great to see the overwhelming response to the Blog-a-Ton. It was nice to see Blog-a-Ton move across the oceans to US too. Moreover, yesterday saw the maximum number of unique visitors and total visits on my personal blog till date. If that is true for me, then must be true for many others, I believe.

Anyway lets first welcome the new Blog-a-Tonics who just joined us:
  • Aman Arora (Please provide us your Bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Rahul (Please provide us your Bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Amit Singh (Congrats on being our 50th member)
  • Chetan (Please provide us your Bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Psych Babbler
  • Muralidhar
  • Anupama
The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton are (in order of submission of links)
  1. Vipul
  2. Rajalakshmi
  3. Dhiman
  4. Ranee[1], [2], [3]
  5. Avada
  6. Indian Pundit
  7. Sojo
  8. Aneet
  9. Pramathesh
  10. Aativas (This link was not working earlier. Now, it has been corrected. So do visit Aativas' blog in case you couldn't do it earlier. Also correct the link on your posts.)
  11. Sid
  12. Pra
  13. Ajinkya
  14. Lakshmi
  15. Govind
  16. Shilpa
  17. Bharathi
  18. Shankar
  19. Mytuppence
  20. Azad
  21. Pawan
  22. Pankaja
  23. Saimanohar
  24. Guria
  25. Shruti
  26. Vishnu
  27. Nasrajan
  28. Richa
In short, 30 entries from 28 Blog-a-Tonics. I definitely require another couple of days to visit all your blogs personally:)

Here is the HTML code with the names of all the Blog-a-Tonics who participated in the Blog-a-Ton 2 with the links to their respective posts. Just copy and paste it in your post replacing the previous concluding text. Don't forget to remove your own name from it.

This time the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month (BATOM) will be decided by the number of cheers and not the number of votes.

Now what are the cheers, you must be wondering.
  • Well, this time every blog-a-tonic is allowed to vote, irrespective of the fact he/she participated or not.
  • Every one can vote for the post he/she liked the most after going through all of them, links of which have been provided to you above.
  • You can cast only 1 vote and of course you can not vote for yourself.
  • In case of multiple entries from any blogger, please mention the specific post you are voting for and not just the name of the blogger.
  • If you had participated in Blog-a-Ton, your 1 Vote = 4 Cheers

    If you had not participated but had joined us before Sep 5; then your 1 Vote = 2 Cheers

    If you have not participated and joined us on or after Sep 5, your 1 Vote = 1 Cheer
(P.S. Blog-a-Tonic is the one who is following this blog through the Google Friend Connect (or in other words Followers) widget on the sidebar.)

So, in short, a Blog-a-Tonic might get maximum votes but still not win as someone else gathers maximum Cheers.

Now coming to the other rules:
  • Voting ends at 1600 hrs on Thursday, Sep 10, 2009.
  • Post your vote in the comments section of this post.
  • In the brackets also mention the number of cheers it gets transformed into. This will make my job easier.
  • I have started moderating the comments and won’t display the voting comments till the end of this process to keep the result secret till its conclusion.
  • You might also add the reason, why you voted for a particular post to help others know what you expect as a reader. Moreover, you may also mention the other posts that you liked though you can vote for only the most liked one.
Before signing off, I'll like to share with you an interesting question Shankar raised on the conclusion of previous Blog-a-Ton that how will it be possible to go through so many posts and vote for them as the number of participants keep on increasing. Well, remember, the more you visit others' post and leave your comments there, the more probability that they will follow you back and hence might even vote for you if they find your post interesting. But remember, every blogger knows the difference between a genuine appreciative/critical comment and a comment 'just-for-the-sake-of-it'.

IMP: If any Blog-a-Tonic is interested in briefly reviewing all the posts, the way it was done the last time while declaring the winner (Click here to read it), please let me know by intimating me( asap.
Once you intimate me and get the go-ahead from my side, you can mail me the complete review 24 hours in advance of conclusion of voting. Your help will be duly acknowledged but I'll reserve the right to edit the review if required.

Finally, wrapping up this post by thanking Shilpa for helping me in marshalling the Blog-a-Ton 2 in the initial stages.

So Happy reading and voting. Cheer for your favourite post. See you all on the declaration day.


  1. I am voting for Ranee at #3 [4 cheers] - it was the most motivational, inspiring, positive and simple post I read. It stayed with me long after I had left my computer!

    There were also others that I really liked, but obviously couldn't vote, mentioning the ones I liked most-
    Ranee #1
    Indian Pundit

    It has been a privilege to be participating in the same platform with so many good writers in Blog-a-Ton! :)

  2. My vote for dhiman..for the killing openings itself...veda...and pink floyd...terrific...

    4 cheers...

  3. i vote for vishnu(2 cheers).. short& honest .. others were too long and formal..

  4. Although it was a difficult thing to name one post as all of them were good except mine. I felt like rewriting my posts, but I was lazy to write it again.

    But I liked 1 member Ranee to publish 3 posts on the same topic. Hats off.

    But if I had to vote one post than I will vote Govind's post after considering many points. My 4 cheers will total his marks to 20 .:P So you get 20/20.

  5. My vote goes to Nasrajan with 4 cheers.

  6. My vote is for Ranee's Voices I've Heard! @

    It's truly a creative and novel way to approach the topic!! Also, this ingenious expression summarizes, inspires, touches almost all the aspects of Teachers : Then and Now!!

  7. I vote for ie ajinkya my vote=4 cheers

  8. My vote goes to shankar for the uniqueness and sincerity in writing. Itz not that others were bad but I loved his post better. Thanks you guys for some many gr8 posts. I read them all.4 cheers I suppose

  9. I cast my vote to Govind. (4 Cheers)
    Because of his very unique presentation, which I failed to see in all other posts. And also it was crisp and subtle, which means, it should be on the top!

    I had quite a dilemma here, in choosing the second spot.
    Vipul and Shankar, both of them did a good job. But Vipul didn't churn out an original work (it was done by his Dad) but nevertheless it was excellent, hence the second spot goes to him.
    Third goes to Shankar.
    Fourth being Pra, for a detailed analysis
    and finally the fifth to Shilpa!

  10. My 4 Cheers to Aneet DN and his witty, no-nonsense take on Teachers: Now and Then! []

  11. So many entries and so many literature types!Giving Only one vote is a bit difficult!:-) Blog-a-Ton 2 is a sucess! Congratulations to you!!
    O.K....My vote is to the Guest post of Vipul Grover!!

  12. I was confused and read all the posts 2 times!
    Many of them presented it in a different way!
    But i can vote only one..
    And i would love to caste my Vote for
    I loved the way he interpreted the topic and presented it in a different manner!

    Keep Smiling!

  13. My vote goes to Sid 'Ravan' Kabe :D per formula that means 4 cheers right ...

  14. I wasnt able to participate this time, sadly. But will be voting surely. Cheers for Blog-a-ton

  15. While voting I purposefully tried to ignore the author’s name as I don’t want to get my perception influence my voting.

    And also I tried my best to avoid the influence of my own ideas on this topic. Hope I did justice to these.

    My first criteria: The post should make me to read until end without break.

    My second criteria: The post should have quality in content.


    I would like to say the most witty post is by Sid. I liked it.

    Shankar’s is the only post I read without any break. Very interesting narration.

    Most creative posts were Vipul’s, Nasrajan’s, Rane’s and Govind’s.

    Pawan and Laxmi rajan were the close finishers.

  16. **Long comment ahead :D **

    It was soooo tough to decide. I re-read everyone's posts 2 or 3 times since I found it very difficult to decide.
    I vote for Indian Pundit's post, that's 4 cheers to IP. I usually like IP's posts because he never adds
    unnecessary stuff or descriptions for anything. His posts are usually straightforward and to
    the point. He has covered all the relevant points in beautiful sentences. He did not put a
    single picture but conveyed everything without adding unnecessary examples or descriptions.

    Also, I just loved what Vipul's father wrote. It was great to hear the views from a teacher
    himself. Thanks Vipul for making your father post. Wish I could vote for two people! I would
    have voted to Vipul too.. Vipul, can you make an exception here? and consider 4 points
    to yourself as well? :) Another blog that I liked was Shankar's, my inspiration to
    join blog-a-ton. His details and examples about today's teachers were really good. And usual,
    his posts are interesting to read. Can I vote for three people, Vipul? Please :D

    I really liked all the other posts.. Sid's, Shruti's, Dhiman's, Pawan's, Bharathi's were also veryy good ones.. Each post was different and delivered the message in its own way. Govind and Shilpa presented this in a very unique manner..Vishnu gave some facts like schools which are now following gurukul style.. Pra gave a very nice comparison of past and present, Rajalakshmi, Aativas, Azad and Pramathesh gave a personal account of all their experiences which made their posts so interesting. Ranee wrote three beautiful posts on this topic.. Sojo told us about how the teaching system is also responsible.. Aneet wrote a very nice post on this with such a funny disclaimer.. Ajinkya made some nice analogies..Lakshmi and SaiManohar have given beautiful explanations for every point they have mentioned.. Mytuppence made a beautiful presentation of why teachers are important.. I also liked the short but sweet post by pankaja.. Guria's post was very interesting to read.. Nasrajan, Ranee and Richa have delivered their message through a beautiful short story.

    Thanks Vipul for starting blog-a-ton. I think it does not matter whether we win or not, what
    matters is that we get an opportunity to blog and send our message across. And it is so nice
    to see so many different opinions on the same topic. I am really happy that I took part in
    this event.

    A small suggestion for fellow blog-a-tonics: please dont deviate from the assigned topic. And people who do not win in this blog-a-ton, please do not take it seriously because winning is not everything, just the participation itself is so exciting. Isn't it? :)

  17. So the moment to cheer for a blogger.

    Its tough call . 30 entries. 30 talks about a same topic. So patiently went through all of them. Some Plain speak, some creative formats , some personal accounts , some good analysis - varied thoughts , varied routes to the same topic.

    After going through all the posts , I narrowed down to Vipul,Indian Pandit, Avada, Aneet, Pra,Govind, Shilpa ,Guria, Shruti.

    Shruti , Pra and Govind had a creative approach to the topic. Shruti with quotes , Pra with time speak and Govind with questionnaire format impressed me with their approach but then I felt they could have done better justic content-wise to an otherwise wonderful format they chose.

    So It narrowed down to Vipul('s dad),Indian Pandit,Aneet,Avada,Guria,Shruti.

    Further round of reading their topics , I narrowed down the choice to Vipul('s dad) and Indian Pundit.

    Vipul's topic was written by his dad. With his rich experience as a teacher , he had pondered upon the topic really well. His years of experience in this field reflected well.

    Indian Pandit had raised valid points in analysing the subject.

    In choosing between both , I chose IP for the simple reason , Though Vipul's dad had reflected well ,it was based on his years of experience. It is relatively easy to perceive things when you are into the field. IP just cause he is not a teacher scored a point notch for analysing the subject from being a non-teacher.

    So my cheers goes to Indian Pandit. (4 cheers)

    P.S >> It does not undermine the efforts of other participants. Everyone had something good to say but unfortunately there is only one I could choose. So in this edition , my choice is IP for this subject.

  18. My Vote is for Govind [4 cheers to him :)]

    It was a very innovative way of presenting the blog with a lot of humor. The answer to the first question was honest and straight from the heart. The post was signed off well too with a a genuine Thank you to one of his teachers. Good luck for him to win!

    The second best post I liked was that of Aativas , where he talked about how every person in our day-to-day life is a teacher and it is upto us to learn from them. I too wrote on a slightly similar idea, I liked his post a great deal because of his simple examples to illustrate that fact. Good luck to Aativas too.

    Over all, it was a great initiative and was fun reading all the posts.

  19. After thinking and analyzing a lot... After balancing the positives and negatives of various posts... I decided to vote for one person...

    My vote goes to Ranee[2]..that is the second link of ranee the most impressive of all the ones I read so far. I liked shilpa,vipul and bharathi's post a lot..

    although ranee's post was the best one...


  20. Finally, went through all the posts.
    The 5 a liked the most are Ranee[2], Govind, Aativas, Nasrajan and Richa in the order that I read them.
    Ranee[2] came up with a brilliant short story nd so did Nasrajan. Govind hd a unique style of presentation and Aativas, a unique interpretation of the topic.
    But Richa, snatched the vote for her poetic post and very balanced view on the topic.
    So 4 cheers for Richa:)

  21. My vote Goes to Govind (4 cheers)

    His presentation was systematic and above all was different from all the others.
    On the other hand I also liked Ranee's 2nd post. It was a brilliant piece as well. It just came at a close 2nd for me..!
    But Kudos to all...!! Brilliant effort guys!

  22. Very difficult to chose my vote.

    Lots of great contenders.

    My vote(4 CHEERS) goes to......GURIA

    She wrote:
    I have been more than afraid to be teacher but I have been more enthused by the thought that it is still I, a teacher who can make the difference to a mind. Emboldened by the examples of the great philosophers and teachers of the past and learning from those who made me see the greatness in being teacher, that I want to step onto being a worthy teacher of the future; to become a teacher of "now" worthy of my students, worthy of being as much an inspirer as a teachers of "then".

    This positive confidence and optimism is what made me vote for her.....

    My Expectation:
    She MUST teach right here in India. India needs her.

  23. My vote for Indian Pundit..pls consider this in case the last time i voted wasnt successful

  24. When are you giving the results? I am curious!

  25. Thanks Everyone !! :):)I am very happy that most of you liked my post. :)

    Special thanks to Pramathesh,Pawan,Azad and Mytuppence :)

    Hope my spelling is right this time :)