Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blog-a-Ten.... I mean Blog-a-Ton 10 is here :)

Date for Blog-a-Ton 10 : May 1, 2010
Topic declaration April 24, 2010

Hello friends, I am back with yet another edition of Blog-a-Ton. As you all must be knowing, the entertainment business is hit hard during the cricketing season. So as soon as IPL came in, big production houses stayed the release of their movies.

But we decided to go against the tide and held Blog-a-Ton 9. And well, even we were hit by IPL with particiaption dropping down by nearly 20%.  But is that bad???

Yes, it is!

So lets come together to make Blog-a-Ton 10 a success and try and cross 50 mark this time.

But first of all, lets welcome the bloggers who have joined us and will be hopefully participating this time to take us across the half ton mark -
 You all will be blogrolled soon.

So with this, I invite your suggestions for the topic for Blog-a-Ton 10. Please keep the following things in mind while suggesting.
  • Each member can suggest only one topic.
  • The topic should be general in scope, so that more and more Blog-a-Tonics can participate.
  • Before suggesting, go through the previous ones for sure.
  • If you like any of those, VOTE for them rather than giving a new suggestion.
  • If you like a suggested topic but don't like the wordings, still VOTE for it and alongside suggest a new title for it.
  • In case you have already suggested a topic but find some subsequent suggestion better than yours, you are allowed to vote for it. But this can be done only once.
  • Rather than criticising the suggestions made by others, kindly give better suggestions.
  • Give your suggestions and votes in the comments section of this post.
  • Do not embolden your comment using HTML bold tag.
  • Please keep these points in mind to make my job easier.
In case a comment is not posted according to these rules, it will be deleted.

Please make this edition of Blog-a-Ton a Success by inviting your fellow bloggers to this event. Just make a point to forward the link to these notifications to them and pester them to participate. I have on my behalf, pestered dozens of you in the past. Please carry on the tradition. After all this is one big happy family. Take up the responsibility to promote it further!

P.S. The introduction to this post is in lighter vein. Don't think that I have gone crazy comparing Blog-a-Ton with big Bollywood movies ;)

Hoping to receive some interesting suggestions
 Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. I like your wordplay!

    Could you please add my blog to your roll of blogs?

    As far as my suggestion for the next ...-ton goes, it is

    Hope to participate!

  2. I like "It's raining..."


    It would give me a new genre to try out! :-)

  3. Its summer time why not something related to it ? like - " Cool ! " ..

  4. Hi frends, I wanted to suggest a topic for the first time and the topic is "LOVE" or "LOVE LETTER". Why not we fellows write about the most beautiful feeling in this world. I hope it would be a hot topic and every one will explore the romantic thoughts in it :-)
    Though just a suggestion, anyways i missed to be a fool but not this time :-)

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  5. Leo you have indeed suggested a neat topic and it gets my vote.You can run you can hide but u can't escape Blog-a-Ten! :D

  6. Escape sounds good to me.... too good...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Both "Escape" and "It's Raining" are very ripe topics with lots of potential! Nice choices!

    I am still unable to make up my mind :(

  10. Aaah! You can't beat 'em but you can surely join 'em. Since the crowd seems to be enthralled by 'Escape' then for just this one time... Escape gets my vote.

  11. I liked Escape but its raining heavily outside and there's a flood so I would like to vote for

    "Its Raining"

    Btw, is it supposed to rain at this time of the year. I don't know. You Tell.

  12. I missed Blog-a-Ton 8 and 9 for some reasons. Now I am back with a strong urge to write.

    And yes, I am voting for ESCAPE!!!

  13. My vote wouldn't matter.Escape already has majority of votes.

  14. It looks like I might 'escape' blog-a-10 like I did with blog-a-ton 8 and 9. too bad! just too bad!

  15. There's really no point in voting now is there?

    Escape it is! :)

    Missed the last two Blogatons. Gonna write this time for sure! :)

  16. 'Escape' has an overwhelming response! I checked in late and now there's no point in suggesting any topic.

    Let's go with Escape and see where we all land in Blog-a-Ten :-)

  17. I would suggest " Is blogging the changing face of journalism ??" as the topic. Although it may be a bit late to suggest. Thanks