Sunday, April 10, 2011

And the winners of BAT19 are....

From 34 Entries this time, 16 of you came to vote for your favorite entries. The participation was the same as the first edition of the second season, and I hope that in the next edition to be hosted by another Blog-a-Ton veteran, the number of entrants goes up. 

Thanks to all those who did participate in Blog-a-Ton 19 and made my first time hosting this event very enjoyable with quality posts!

So now coming straightaway to the results of BAT19, here is the list of participants and the cheers they garnered;

As evident, here are the three Blog-a-Tonics of the Month. Just Click on their names to read their respective entries.






Shilpa Nair

Congratulations to the trio, and also to Enchanta and Muddassir for giving Shilpa a run for the bronze badge. Aativas had voted at the wrong post by mistake, I've considered this voting as well, since we've had fewer than half of the participants returning to cast votes.

You all can also read the voting comments now. Just click here to find who all voted for you or liked your entry and what they had to say about it!

I Hope You All Had A Great BAT 19 XPerience!!!

Till the next BAT,
Vinay (Leo)
Blog-a-Ton Marshal for April


  1. Thanks a lot, Enchanta, Gireesh, (The) Fool, Cherry Blossom, Neeraja and Rekha for cheering for me. And Congratulations to Vinay and Shilpa as well. They deserved to win. Congratulations also to Enchanta (because I cheered for her and she was pretty close). :P

  2. Congratulations, D2, Shipa and Leo. Good to see I got the top 3 right. There should be some award for getting the correct top 3 as well.

    And glad to see myself back on the charts again after drawing a blank last time thanks to Shilpa and Rekha. Strangely the only other time I drew a blank, none of my choices also won Blog-a-ton. And last time also. All other times I have been choosing the winner.

    And thanks Leo for conducting this so well. It is also nice to see the results come up on Sunday night itself. Wonder who will organize next time. If I manage to participate next time, I will join the veterans club.

  3. Congrats Vinay, D2 and Shilpa. Bat 19 was a wonderful journey.

  4. My very first BAT entry n BATOM !!!!
    Thank U so much Gireesh, The Fool, D2 and Enchanta for your precious Votes. I had to agonize between D2 and Ananya's entries.
    Thanks also to ALL the others who have left such encouraging words on my posts.
    I was impressed to see that the votes were cast as fairly as they could be!
    Glad to have u all here with me and hope to see more of everyone at BAT.
    Thanks to Vinay-Leo too for conducting this so well :)

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  6. Congratulations to deserve it!

    It was a wonderful journey, indeed!

    Leo, you're back with a vengeance, Lols!