Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome to BAT37, it's topic voting time.


THURSDAY, 21st FEBRUARY 2013, 09:00 PM IST

Hello to all new people coming by, welcome back to the old hands returning to Blog-a-ton. I’m Leo, and I’m one of the marshals here.

We’re into edition 37 now, which will happen on March 3rd, 2013. I hope your association with our monthly day of writing continues and that you are enjoying yourselves by writing and reading other Blog-a-tonics as well.

The way we usually go about on Blog-a-ton is that we have a call for topics (a 3-8 word phrase) and then by voting, we decide on one of the topics as the topic for the month. After that, we give you a week’s time to write your post incorporating the decided phrase in it. Then, on the first Sunday of the succeeding month, you will publish the post on your blog, with our preset header and footer and come to Blog-a-ton and link your post in a comment.

It’s a one-day event each month, and our aim is to get 100 participants in one edition. The week after the Blog-a-ton day will be for voting for 5 of your favorite blog-a-tonics from the edition.

This time, i.e. just for Blog-a-ton 37, we’re doing things a little differently. We’re not having a call for topics; rather we’re having a secret ballot voting to decide our topic this time, from a set of 15 common phrases.

Here’s the way it’ll work.

The phrases are:

01. As cool as a cucumber
02. Beat around the bush
03. Dead as a doornail
04. Fifteen minutes of fame
05. Fight fire with fire
06. In the nick of time
07. Let there be light
08. No laughing matter
09. On cloud nine
10. Out of sight, out of mind
11. Pigs might fly
12. Straight from the horse’s mouth
13. Truth is stranger than fiction
14. Two peas in a pod
15. What’s in a name?

If you are unfamiliar with these phrases, you can look up the meaning at The Phrase Finder.

  • You can vote for any one phrase from the above list.
  • I have started moderating comments, and will reveal the votes only at the end of the voting period
  • If you want to change your vote during any time of the week, you can do so, but you are allowed only one change-of-vote. I’ll consider only the second vote in that instance.

  • The voting period is from 12th February 2013, Tuesday to 20th February 2013, Wednesday 11:59PM IST.
  • The topic that gets the majority votes will be announced on 21st February 2013, Thursday as the Blog-a-ton 37 topic. In case two or more topics are tied at the end of voting, my vote as Marshal vote will decide. This time, we are giving you 10 days to write your post.
  • The date for Blog-a-ton 37 is MARCH 03, 2013 SUNDAY from 12AM to 11:59PM.

Looking forward to a wonderful Blog-a-ton once again…

Poetically Yours,


  1. My vote goes to...
    10. Out of sight, out of mind

  2. i vote for "truth is stranger than fiction."

  3. What's in a name?

    (Looking forward to BAT 37 already!)


  4. Hi, My vote goes for the phrase 'What’s in a name?'

  5. I vote for "Pigs might fly" sounds hilarious...

  6. I vote for -Truth is stranger than fiction

  7. Uff! spoilt with choices! :)

    How about?

    14. Two peas in a pod