Monday, December 16, 2013

My B A T experience

Here, I, welcome our new BAT Veteran, Thewhitescape to share her BAT experience. (Since Thewhitescape is facing problems in posting on Blog-a-Ton, I am posting on her behalf.)

I started blogging in July 2012. During very beginning of my blogging I didn’t have any idea of what I could post in my blog. It was one of my friends, who forced me into blogging.

Later, I visited some blogs and planned to shape my blog in similar way. I started to Google for blogging activities and this is how I came across Blog-a-ton in November 2012.

My first BAT participation was in December 2012 and the very first challenge bought 5 followers to my blog. This was amazing. This helped me to shape my blog. I have really benefitted a lot by participating in Blog-a-ton. I have made many followers through it, who now visit my blog regularly to be updated about my new posts and other content which I post in my blog almost daily. I hosted creative writing contest and many of them participated who say came to know about my blog after reading my monthly entry in Blog-a-ton.

Monthly BAT challenges encourages to me write with more interest. Ever since I started linking those posts with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus, it helped me to flow information to those friends who are regular visitor of these social sites. . A few of my other friends who were not aware of Blog-a-ton, said that they participated in some of the months after getting information from my blog via these above medium.

BAT challenge every month has improved my writing skill and creative ideas have become more.

I initiated blogging from zero i.e. without any idea about such writing platforms and etc, but now, blogging is being my passion and participating in such content based challenges has been the best thing happened to me after I started my blog and I can’t stop blogging for my whole life.

It’s truly wonderful to be now a part of BAT’s Veteran blogger category and I really wish to be part of 25 or more editions to be included in list of Super Veteran Blog-a-Tonics and next to be a part of 50 or more editions to be crowned as Queen of Blog-a-Tonics.

Wholehearted appreciation and thank you to Founder Marshal Vipul Grover, Leo and Sarav .

Thank you,


  1. Incredible journey! Congrats Whitescape for becoming a BAT veteran. Im still a BAT baby :)

  2. Thank you Pallavi for the goodwishes! I am sure with regular participation in BAT every month you will too become a veteran like me...Btw I was a baby too in the past :)