Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Experience with BAT

I came across while reading a post of a fellow blogger, I like the idea behind it to bring different bloggers at a single platform. It was then I decided to participate in its next edition. I am participating regularly in each edition of BAT after that( without winning though )as I enjoy reading different perspectives of a theme. I have gained many regular readers through my BAT posts. It has also increased my confidence in writing poems as all my blogaton posts are poems on the given topics. When you think and research about a topic you learn many new things before the final outcome. Similar things happened to me with each BAT entry.

It’s said that a good writer is one who is a good reader. If it was not blogaton I may remain unaware of many good blogs in the blogosphere. These blogs not only provided me with fantastic reading materials but also became a very good source of knowledge about many aspects of blogging .Before 2012 I was not a regular blogger,I used to write silently without sharing it with anybody. It was only after blogaton that I understand that sharing makes you a better writer,comments on my blog encouraged me at each step of writing.

Now I have joined the list of veteran blogatonics and I hope that I will become a Super Veteran blogatonic in the future. Writing for BAT always push me to learn something new that’s why all my ten poems for BAT showcase different style of poem writing.I also hope to win.Thank you BAT marshals for continuing this wonderful work.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    As you rightly said, BAT always pushes us to explore new ideas for writing.
    Look forward to reading more BAT posts from you.

  2. Wow, Cifar . Good that you've shared your experience, so crisply. All the best for future BATs. And yes, as you've mentioned, BAT gives us the impetus to go beyond the horizons that we create for ourselves.