Monday, July 27, 2020

Blog-a-Ton 59 Results

Nineteen entries and from them, twelve returned to vote for their favorites. Fifteen entries garnered at least one vote. I, Sarav, Blog-a-Ton Marshal, thank all of you for participating in this edition, and making it a successful comeback edition.

The results of Blog-a-Ton 59, here is the list of participants and the cheers they garnered:

As evident, here are the Blog-a-Tonics of the Month. Click on their names to read their respective entries.




Kshitij Khurana

Vipul Grover

Unknown Shri

Congratulations to the well deserved winners (Kshitij, Vipul and Unknown Shri) and to all those listed above..

Winners can drop an email to to claim their badges. Winners name and photo will be featured on Blog-a-Ton Cover Photo (soon). Thanks and Keep Writing!!!

You all can also read the voting comments now. Just click here to find who all voted for you or liked your entry or what they had to say about it!

The Top Three contributors are

Someone is Special42

See you soon in BAT 60! September 2020! Please visit Blog-a-Ton 3.0 for more info!!!

A Reminder - Have your number of participation reached 10, 25 or 50??? Then you are eligible to be included into the Elites Blog-a-Tonics.  Just drop a mail to "" with the links to all your posts (or simply label all your BAT entries and send Marshal that single link).

Hope you all enjoyed this edition!
Poetically Yours,
Blog-a-Ton Marshal,
~ Someone is Special ~


  1. Congratulations on the win, Kshitij, Vipul and Unknown Shri. Cheers to all the participants

  2. It feels incredibly satisfying to finally get a win!

    BAT has a very special place in my life. I am usually a lazy writer but BAT always nudges me to go further. Some of my posts that I am really proud of are under BAT. So, HUGE thank you Sarav (and others?) responsible for restarting this.

    Our audience was not huge but the quality of posts was great. I can point out at least 4 other posts that were insane-superior quality.

    I thank everyone for writing for this BAT! And a side thank you to the people who voted for my post.

    1. Congrats, KK! I am so happy to restart this and I am glad Vipul supported the idea. Thanks to all the participants for making this happen. Let's invite more and more writers to write for Sep 2020 edition!

    2. Congratulations !!!!!! Please do mention those 4 which you can point out. That would be inspiring to those writers.

    3. We may make good use of WhatsApp groups for increasing the participation.

  3. Heartiest congratulations to the winners!!!! :) :)
    Looking forward to BAT 60!

  4. Congratulations winners...and thanks to those who voted for me...Meenal and Simran.

  5. Congratulations to all winners!! How come I didn't get even a single vote? :o Is my writing not at all appealing??

    1. Certainly it is ....... No vote does not mean it was not appealing. Keep writing.

    2. Look closely You have got three Votes :-)

  6. Thanks guys for the accolades. I am happy that one of the fellow bloggers I voted for is the GOLD BATOM while I share the SILVER with the other one. And thanks to Sarav for conducting yet another edition successfully.

  7. Congratulations to the Winners and more so to All The Participants. The Comeback was successful. Thank you very much Vipul and Sarav for bringing it back.

  8. Congrats to all the winners. And thank you those who cheered for me. The comeback was successful. Although this time, did not get as much as before. It is still good.