Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let's finalise the Topic

Date for Blog-a-Ton 1 : August 1, 2009

In past two weeks, there are some fellow bloggers who joined in
Other than them only Shilpa Garg and Amit Desai, the two who showed interest on Indiblogger forums started following this blog while SM has extended support too.

We welcome you all to this community. Your blogs have been added to our Recommendations Blogroll. Help us in inviting more bloggers to this platform by writing about Blog-a-Ton 1 on your Blogs or adding the I Blog-a-Tonic Widget to your Blogs.

Now coming to the topic for Blog-a-Ton 1;
  • The Best and Worst(if any) about blogging (The topic has been reframed as The Cream and Scum of Blogging)
  • Blogging Experiences
have received the maximum (just 2 each) votes.

All these topics pertain to Blogging and are pretty general in character. Help in pruning down the list to just one final topic by voting for any one out of these three.

No new suggestions will be entertained.

The final topic will be declared on July 25, 2009.


  1. Hi Vipul, I am not able to download this Blog-a-Ton widget from the scribd site! Any suggestion? Infact, there is no icon to download the file! :(

  2. hey, its there on the top left corner just above the document. After downloading, this will open in ADobe reader, then u cn highligh and select the desired code:)

  3. I'm on mate!
    But as I commented on your blog, I didn't understand a thing!

  4. hey pawan, u r welcum 2 Blog-a-Ton.
    The idea is simple. On 25th july, we'll be declaring a topic. Every Blog-a-Ton member will have a week to write a post on it. On Aug 1, evryone will publish tht post on their blog nd leave the link 2 their post in d comments section of the post tht i will create for this purpose. By the night or d nxt day, i'll collect all d links nd create a html code, with names of the members linking 2 their posts. All mmbrs just have to copy it nd paste it at the end of their posts.
    I'll give all these details on this blog in d cuming days. so sart following the blog.

  5. I vote for "The Best and Worst(if any) about blogging" :)

  6. Gr8 concept buddy!!! Mujhe bhi include karlo yaar !!

  7. welcum anjan:)

    hey dhiman, u r most welcum:)
    u just strt foolowing this blog 2 stay updated.

  8. Good to see, FBs coming on board!

    Pawan and Dhiman's choice for topic for Blog-a-Ton????

  9. i vote for blogging experiences (because I have a post ready on that :-) I actually reserved it for my 50th post, but I decided to use it now)

  10. Well, all three are inter-related; as u speak of experiences, u r tend to make a reference to the best and worst of blogging. And the first one is the other two in summation. This is just my thought; what I felt after reading the topics. If I have to choose then I guess I will go with 1st one.

  11. welcum vee.. yup u r spot on! this was xactly wat i wud hav said on 25th while declaring d topic in case of a stalemate:)

  12. Votes received till now:

    (vipul, arjun and vee)

    * The Best and Worst(if any) about blogging : 3 (shankar, PG and Anjan)

    * Blogging Experiences : 2 (Shilpa and Bharathi)

    Keep voting for the topic of your choice.

  13. I vote for "The Best and Worst (if any) about blogging"
    Because the other two are quite incomprehensible to me!