Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time for Blog-a-Ton 1

Tentative Date for Blog-a-Ton 1 : August 1, 2009

Tentative Date for finalising the topic : July 25, 2009

Discussion for holding Blog-a-Ton 1 was initiated about 4 days back. Already 10 bloggers have hopped on and there have been numerous suggestions for the topic.

Bloggers who have shown interest:

  1. Vipul Grover
  2. Amit Desai
  3. Shankar
  4. Parv Kaushik
  5. Shilpa Garg
  6. SM
  7. Adesh Sidhu
  8. Sandeep
  9. Arjuna
  10. Amitabh Mukherjee
Topics suggested till now:
  1. WE BLOG, THEREFORE WE ARE (supported by 2)
  2. What steps would you take to make India a better place
  3. The Best and Worst(if any) about blogging
  4. Blogging Experiences
  5. Any social message (You may see the list SM has given in his reply)
  6. Topics related to blogging, social media or business.
  7. INCREASING KNOWLEDGE ON FINANCIAL FREEDOM (ideas about making money through our blog)

So most bloggers want a topic around Blogging.. Some have given very specific suggestions like making money through blogging.

However, lets have a GENERAL TOPIC on BLOGGING where everyone can give his/her inputs.

More suggestions are welcome in the comments section but if you feel any topic mentioned above is good, then VOTE for it rather than giving a new topic.

But first of all, start following to stay updated.

Vipul Grover


  1. I also want to participate.. what do I need to do??

  2. Well you have done the most important thing, i.e. following this blog to stay updated. Now from the given topics, vote for any one or suggest a new topic if you want.
    Keep the given tentative dates (Jul 25 and Aug 1 in mind) and keep visiting:)

  3. Hey there, it's great to see that my suggestion has been taken into consideration. It's also a compliment to find myself on the Blog-A-Ton Team, but does that mean I have access to the blog? If so I am not able to access it, could you help me Mr. Vipul?

  4. Hey Arjuna frst of all jus call me Vipul. nd secondly u must hav receivd a mail(on d address u hav provided on blogger).. follow the link given in it 2 cnfrm ur accptance of authorship!
    nd ofcourse welcum aboard.. help spread d wrd about this blog!

  5. Hi Vipul..
    Well my vote goes to # The Best and Worst(if any) about blogging
    And will there be any particular timings also??Coz u see my exams r commencing from 16th July , so it will be difficult for me to be available at any particular time..I can do that whenever I'm free from my studies on that particular day.

  6. hey PG.. the topic will b declard on jul 25. U'll have 2 post it anytime on Aug 1, preferably in the first half of d day.. so u'll hav a week 2 write ur post.. i hop u cn manage tht in b/w exams:)

  7. hi buddy ... i'm sorry but won't be able to take part in the first Blog-a-ton ... really busy with my admssions ... great initiative ... shall surely join the next ...
    hope u understand :(

  8. Hi Vipul..
    YEah..that way I can manage..THanks :)

  9. @PG.. thts gr8:)

    @subhayan.. buddy thrs alwez the nxt time:) nd yeah all d best with ur admissions.

  10. Good luck for all of us in this project