Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog-a-Tonic of the Month - October 2009!

Blog-a-Ton 3 was definitely Bigger and Better.

Do not miss to visit the two late entries from Amit and Prabhjot, which though were not considered for voting but take the total number of participants to 40.

With 42 entries coming from 40 blog-a-tonics, it makes our mission of participation by 100 blog-a-tonics, look achievable in future.

The icing on the cake this time was the variety of presentation - poems, cinquains, short stories, 55 Fiction, dialogues, cartoons and video presentations added to the usual articles.

Definitely, everyone had a difficult time choosing their favourite post.

Before we move further, lets welcome the new Blog-a-Tonics:
For those who missed to visit Madhu's IndiMag post, here is the video presentation. It might take time to load and viewing, but definitely you won't repent seeing it. I hope it inspires you to become a part of this Indian Dream-1 through 10 for India.

Now coming back to the award, first of all, lets see the badge award, the BATOM wins this time:

It has been designed by our fellow Blog-a-Tonic, Siddhesh Kabe aka Sid aka Ravan aka Sid 'Ravan' Kabe.
Thanks a lot buddy for this gesture.This is the community feeling at its best.
Coming to voting trends, there was 77.5 % polling, i.e. out of 40 eligible voters 31 casted their votes.
I hope in future, every eligible voter exercise this right to make Blog-a-Ton, a bigger success.
Afterall, it should not happen that a Blog-a-Tonic takes home the award without casting his/her vote.

So finally bringing these announcements to a halt, I present to you the BATOM for Oct 2009 -

Click upon the image, to see a better resolution image.
All the votes which were not consistent with the rules have not been considered.

Congratulations to Guria for winning the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month award for October, 2009 with 8 votes (25.8 % of the total votes polled).
Please pass me your e-mail id so that the (higher resolution) badge award can be mailed to you. You may also copy it from here if you want. Do link it to this post of Blog-a-Ton.

Let us congratulate Rahul and ARJuna too for securing the second highest votes, i.e. 4 each.

All the voting comments are now visible. Click here to read them.

P.S. Join the Facebook Blog-a-Ton group and the Blog-a-Ton Fan page.
Now, you can initiate discussions, upload images and videos, leave interesting links and just scribble anything on the wall. It will also help you to know the fellow blog-a-tonics better and get instant updates about the events and activities.
On the Discussion board, I have already initiated two topics pertaining to future voting procedure and the linguistic medium on Blog-a-Ton. Kindly give your inputs there. (The discussion board has been shifted from the Group Page to the Fan Page)

Hoping to see you all on Facebook too
Blog-a-Tonically Yours
Vipul Grover



  2. Results punctual !
    Congrats Guria.. lets start with the next marathon .. :D

  3. Hey congrats guria.. I voted for the winner...

    and thanks a lot raji. my pathetic post post won atleast a single second vote... thanks a lot..

  4. congrats guria...may god bless you..congrats to rahul and arjuna too :) my heart felt wishes to all of you :)..thanks to guria,dayanand,ki and vipul and shankar for considering me worth your vote :)

    lots of lots of love to other bloggers who were below me :)...(and sorry :) )..I am relived to see arjuna at the top...

    and special mentions to ppl who specially mentioned about me(thought coudnt vote for me due to the 2 vote thing.)...and above all thanks to all those appreciation shown about my post on my blog..and LAST BUT WHO DARES SAY LEAST?-applaud loud for VIPUL...the man behind all this...:)

    lets make a cheering thing..hip hip hurray

    (err vipul does this mean i am 4th in blog-a-ton..i mean i can boast infront of my frnds na..? lol )

  5. Congrats Guria for winning , Rahul for being runner up n ARjuna for being 2nd runner up , to Vipul for scoring highest in the 2nd vote category :)

    n an applause for all those who participated
    it was an awesome experience
    looking forward to the next one !

  6. But its very disappointing that even here our fellow Indians are not ready to vote....9 peoples didn't vote??

    vipul..before next marathon we should find a way to make each and every vote count...

  7. ahhh!! Thanks Naveen, sid, bharathi and avada for voting my post!!

  8. @shankar one person i know couldnt vote becuase they are going thro a problem with their personal life...hence perhaps there are many others who couldnt..we never know..

  9. but i think i have an idea...votes to you will be counted only if you have

  10. @Naveen.. I was actually conspiring 2 change the rules at the last moment as in Roadies to give more weightage to the second vote ;)

    Thanx Rahul and Bharathi for considering my post as ur first choice and ofcourse to Naveen, Narendra and Pawan to give their precious second vote to it.

    Next time I won't make the mistake of keeping the second vote valueless :p

    Overall thanx 2 everyone to make this Blog-a-Ton, such a success.

    @Shankar.. Do give your input about voting on Facebook discussion!

  11. @Narendra.. Actually, I was thinking of introducing this rule this time but the catch is that a prsn might just cast the vote non-seriously to ensure that he/she doesn't miss out the award due to it.
    Plz think on that lines and bring up some nice solution.

  12. Thanks Chetan n Miss nobody for voting for me :)

  13. Congratulations Guria!! :)
    Party time!! :)

  14. Congratulations Guria. She deserved it. She wrote amazingly :)

  15. I just saw this post on my dashboard. I don't know what to say!

    THANK YOU seems mundane, but that's all I have.

    Thank you to each and every one who read the post. I will always like my fellow Blog-a-Tonics to tell me how to better myself, so that I can be good competition next time too. ;)

    And as for voting, if calculations are not a problem, I still think there should be 2 or 3 votes per voter, with decreasing values.

    Thanks again everyone, the ones who voted for me for the faith in me, and all the Blog-a-Tonics for the great reads, and Vipul for Blog-a-Ton. :)

    Cheers Guria.

  16. Congrats guria i picked the winner right :)

  17. hi, Congrats guria.
    I'm Aniket Kulakrni, and I want to join blog-a-ton
    my link:

  18. I must say I am ecstatic. I thank Vipul, Sai, Narendra, Madhu and all those who came by and left a comment on my blog. Your support keeps me motivated to blog week after week and month after month!!!

  19. Hey congrats Guria!!! and thanks a lot Daisy Blue for voting! atleast I got one vote this time.. :D

  20. and the person whom I vote for always wins!!! yayy!!!

  21. Congrats Guria :-)

    Vipul, could you please edit the blogroll and make my link point to ? Right now, it goes to my old blog in blogspot.

    Friends, thank you for all those who reviewed my blog while ranking. Just wanted to mention that I am a "she", though my name Nasrajan looks like a "he".. :-D It is not that important, still after reading the comments my husband looked at me in an odd way (just kidding)

  22. Congrats Guria,

    Thanks for posting the video here. Appreciate it sir !

  23. @Nasrajan.. I did the needful!

    And yeah, thnx 4 clarifying ur gender.. Now tht's one thing i wantd 2 know urgently aftr reading ur comment on my prsnl blog :)

  24. the facebook page is definitely the best thing that happened to blog-a-ton

    please join it..:)


  25. Congratz !!! Guria it was really a post to win and also congratz to all others who got votes (1st & 2nd) and better luck next time to ones who drew a blank (in both 1st & 2nd) like myself :P...
    and Vipul Sorry I couldn't get the review done as I had not been online so much last few days and I am yet join in Facebook as well... I'll try it over the weekend....

  26. Am I late??
    am I runner up....
    am I happy? OH yes...
    why? because I am a runner up...
    why good?
    u r a runner up...
    Oh yes....thank you....
    why thank me?
    Oh yes....
    u r my inspirations.....
    hey what r u doing?
    Oh sorry.....
    what sorry...
    I forgot to congratulate the winner?
    Oh yes u should do that as well?
    as well?? Ok I CONGRATULATE GURIA AKA MAVERICK-LY GENIUS AKA G for winning this prestigious blog a ton.....
    she is a genius u know..
    jayada how why mat kar...bahhut ho gaya...
    she is a genius u know

  27. @Dhiman.. Its all right buddy.. I already got a lot of material 2 stff in this post :)

    @Rahul.. Yup, u r the runner-up.. congo man..
    nd hey thnx 4 ur vote bt buddy u turnd out 2 b a Non-observer.. lol

  28. hey Vipul...
    facebook ka funda clear karo yaar...

  29. @RSV

    the Fb page(in my opinion) is an extension of this blog..since it has all the EXTRA tools for promotion/discussion et i gues you say something here it will be posted there(well manually ..:P ) and whatevr u post there..may be summed up it is easier for US to keep track of in..if there is somthing happening or not here even then we end up visiting this blog..(well most of the times it is irritating) on the contrary if u get a update of the SOMETHNG HAPPENING/OR NOT thing on FB u can keep in touch.. :P

  30. Rahul.. wat r u xactly asking?
    R u on Facebook?
    Well, Narendra has explained mch of it..
    Simply put.. if u r on FB join us there.. othrwise nuthing mch.. This blog remains wat it is, i.e. the place where the real action takes place :)

  31. I don't have an FB account yet..
    will make it soon......

  32. Congratulations Guria. This is nice post and nice work. I appreciate your work. I really enjoyed this post.