Sunday, October 4, 2009

Voting Begins - Only the participants can Vote!

Voting is over. BATOM for October, 2009 is Guria.

Its great to see the overwhelming response to the Blog-a-Ton 3. We are going from strength to strength with each passing event.

Anyway lets first welcome the new Blog-a-Tonics who just joined us:
Click here to check the fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton along with the direct links to their posts.

In short, 40 entries from 38 Blog-a-Tonics.

If someone was unable to post in time due to any genuine reason, please convey it to me at Contact Us along with the link to your post.

This time we'll be somewhat moving back to the format followed in the Blog-a-Ton 1 for electing the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month (BATOM)
  • Only those Blog-a-Tonics can vote who participated in Blog-a-Ton 3.
  • You must cast 1 vote and of course you can not vote for yourself.
  • However, this time you are allowed to cast a Second Vote which will be considered only in case there is a tie on the basis of the first vote. This is not mandatory.
  • Kindly, cast both your votes in the same comment.
  • In case of multiple entries from any blogger, please mention the specific post you are voting for and not just the name of the blogger.

Now coming to the other rules:
  • Voting ends at 1900 hrs (IST) on Oct 8, 2009.
  • Post your vote in the comments section of this post.
  • I have started moderating the comments and won’t display the voting comments till the end of this process to keep the result secret till its conclusion.
  • You might also add the reason, why you voted for a particular post to help others know what you expect as a reader. Moreover, you may also mention the other posts that you liked though you can vote for only the most liked one and if you wish to, then for the second in line too.
  • In case there are multiple entries from any Blogger, while counting the votes received by him/her, the entries will be considered individually for the award.
Hoping to see as much enthusiasm for this phase
Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. Rahul Sharma (The Skeptical Observer)- THE INDIAN DREAM

    I thought about staying away from voting as all of them were good. Par Sharmaji Kamaal kar gaye.

  2. 1st vote- bharathi
    2nd vote- vishnu

  3. Sad, I couldnt participate this great contest because i was caught up somewhere else, away from system whole day :(.

    May the best man win. I know I cant Vote, But I am gonna read all the entries. All the best for all participants :)

  4. My vote goes to Narendra. I really enjoyed his poem. :)

  5. My vote goes for: Guria (her story just touched my heart)
    I also liked Shruti's a lot (she covered all the aspects), Dhiman's (he had all the valid points in a single post), Nasrajan's story on Kashmir, Madhu's presentation(I put it on my social networking sites) it actually made me cry!!!, Ki's post which was straight from heart, Manohar's post (it covered all the necessary points), Vipul's (his writing style always makes me re-read). It was a very tough decision, deciding whom to vote.. Given a choice, I would have voted for all 40 posts :) all of them were too good!

  6. In case of a tie, my second vote goes to Shruti for the amazing encyclopedic post of hers!!

  7. it's first time, that i participated in blog a ton, and i enjoyed a lot.
    being new in blogging, blog a ton has been a plateform for me to be introduced to other bloggers
    thank you vipul ji

    and now, about entries
    there were so many good posts, and the most touching i found is of Nasrajan(, but his post is only concentrated to Kashmir. what i liked is, how beautifully he has portrayed his thoughts, if that would have not been for the topic my vote would be for him.

    1) i would like to vote for 'naveen-(
    he presented a real india in a very unique and beautiful style,-no comparisons from other countries, but india

    2)my second vote would be to RSV -( i felt his all points were true, and the way he presented is very beautiful
    ,and that post was speaking to me

    i also liked bharathi's post, but as rules, we can only vote for 2 people

    keep smiling!

  8. My vote goes for Shruti...the post had no layers and was written from the heart!!!

  9. I had to read 40 posts thrice to decide. The third time, I skipped about a bit though.
    But I chose people who really dreamed something about India, and did not end up comparing with this and that. I chose them from the clarity of their thoughts.

    I short-listed it to 13 (in no order): Avada Kedavra, Shilpa, Sid, Nasrajan, Vipul, Harsha, Pushkala, Raji, Narendra, Pawan, Shruti, ARJuna, Aativas...

    My vote, however, is for NARENDRA...

    The verses were simply amazing. I am honoured to have participated with you on the same platform.

    If I have to vote a second one, it will be a tie between, Harsha and ARJuna.

  10. I am glad i took part in this wonderful contest, of all the fine blogs i read, my vote goes to..
    The presentation of her idea and the style of writing was impressive.

  11. I won't have net access from tomorrow till 13th October. So, right from the moment I posted my entry, I started reading others' posts. I enjoyed almost all the posts and it is always difficult to choose 'one' post...I understand that everyone reallizes that it is about personal choice and not about the quallity of the post as such.

    To begin with I shortlisted 8 posts - Daisy Blue, Madhu Rao, Nasarajan, Govind, Guriya, Ms. Nobody, Venky and RSV... it is in order of reading.

    In the second round, I found Nasrajan (his story is again too good), Guriya ( I liked the 'realistic' experiences) and RSV (Nice mix of 'ideal' and 'practical', the satire makes the right bridge).

    Finally my first vote goes to RSV and second vote goes to Guriya.

    Thanks to all participants.

  12. 40 posts in one go! Awesome! Choosing a post as my most favourite post was the most difficult thing this time. I read all the posts, commented on most of them and I am still commenting. It is very pleasing to see for most of us Indian Dream is a Dream for India.

    Now about my vote: Of all the 40 posts, 1 post caught my attention. Guria of Maverick Misfit wrote a beautiful piece on the revelation that happened to a foreign-returned Desi who did not like the idea of India. And I liked this sentence: "It is only in India that they think of the others." True, most of the blog-a-ton posts proved her right. Most of the posts wrote about how Indians Dream about India than the Indian Dream itself. So my vote goes to GURIA.

  13. Hi vipul,
    My first vote goes to Guria
    And my second one goes to Shankar!!
    May the best blogger win..

  14. My vote goes to shruti
    for her "magnificent approach" of
    India, Dreams of an Indian and The Indian dream

    My "Second vote" goes to vipul
    for his mature dealing of the topic n relevant yet Unique poetry

  15. I vote for Vipul Grover...
    The reasons..well I will reflect them in a separate post..
    I hope he becomes the winner...
    because I claim myself to be an observer and my observations should not go wrong!!

  16. I'm voting two days ahead :)
    Many posts.. many reads.. many comments..this was great... & finally I have come to my conclusion..I narrowed down to 3 people:
    1)Avada Kedavra - For his clear vision
    2)Srivatsav - his unique cartoons
    3)Miss Nobody-her stories

    But finally had to vote for Avada - your post had a continuity through out with different . instances that made them interesting .And your dream of literacy is absolutely true!

  17. Since you need two votes I have made my decision....


    I like the simplicity of this post.Not much of criticism,not much of hard truth..just personal touch..sober and subtle...I really enjoyed the post made me feel my blog tag line---just for today let me not worry,just for today let me not anger (this is one of the 5 REIKI principles..)in the true sense of words...


    since i have this thing for poetry and the million dollar (1rupee=45USD :P) haiku made all the change..

    all the other praises,criticism regarding different blogs i have said in comments section of each post..:) :P...

    hope to see many of such blog-a-tons in future..and nobody wins nobody looses...cliche' ...but nobody looses here...we all have won by taking part in this marathon

    may god bless all the bloggers...and the lovely lovely people related to their lives..

    PS:has someone noticed?? first vote goes to the last submission and my next vote goes to the first submission..LOL :P

  18. Whom to vote for??? The dilemma is back. With more and more entries coming in, it is ever increasing.

    The posts i most liked were from -

    Narendra, Rahul, Nasrajan, Naveen, ARJuna and Aativas.

    I must also mention Guria, Sojo and Madhu who were close behind.

    All of them had their unique way of presentation.

    I loved the stories of Rahul and Nasrajan.

    Aativas' Gandhigiri delighted me.

    I must commend Narendra for his brilliant poem. He receives my SECOND vote.

    But the person who jus bowled me over with the simplest possible way of presentation was ARJuna. The way he showed the gradual construction of his Indian Dream using the simplest possible vocabulary and expressions was commendable.

    My vote goes to ARJuna.

  19. My vote is for Madhu Rao @

  20. The plight of the "Other India" is not unseen by us. We see it every day. Very many of us want to help, but at times it seems like it is too complicated and cannot be helped. We lose hope and let go. When you give up hope, you relinquish your dream ; you give up life.
    Beyond that you just start existing...

    "..there isn't nothin like the sight of an amputated spirit. There is no prosthetic for that..."

    I loved posts that delved into the fractured, yet-unamputated Indian spirit. They talked about our issues in a realistic tone than a tone of pseudo-machismo -- 'we are the best'...

    My 2 choices are ones that have dug deep into their souls and personal experiences, spent the time working on the piece and come up with something that's more than just an article.

    1. ARJuna -

    Reasons : straight from the heart ; has personal journey(not just experiences) ; for his age (teenager per his blog title) he has a lot of maturity that is well directed ; can hold his rag with the language ; simple yet engaging ; nudges the Indian spirit ever so gently...

    2. Nasrajan -

    Reasons : from the heart ; humane perspective -- Kashmiris as "our people" than Kashmir as "our land" ; the post could have been lost in clichés in so many places, but it DID NOT (Hindu-Muslim unity, adoption, quotes from famous people to name a few..). Everything had a time and a place ; simple yet engaging ; kindles the Indian spirit ....

    I wish I could have picked more. But rules are rules :-) .

    Really a brave effort everyone. We have so much to be proud of. I hope this was not just another post and people will try and help their "Indian Dreams" inch closer toward fruition.

  21. At last I completed my reading! All the posrs are really good and all different perspectives are eye opening! 40 posts!! great going Blog-A-Ton.I had a very hard time deciding whome to vote! But I have to chose 2 of all so-
    My first vote goes to Guria and my second vote goes to Nasarajan.
    Both of them have written nice short stories of Indian Dream full of hope!

  22. My first vote goes to..


    And second vote... in-case of tie breaker...

    goes to..


  23. My vote goes for Guria, whose post has charmed me over!

    Brilliant take and beautiful descriptions take her to the top.

    My second choice is none other than Vipul Grover, whose post could be a bit more realistic (its was too subjective I felt).

    My third choice goes for Shilpa, whose post was the most refreshing of all!

  24. My vote goes for RSV for his unique way of presenting this topic!!

    Second Vote - Bharathi, it was to the point and was a great read!

    The other posts i liked was
    Harsha's - Loved that story
    Guria - A nice one
    Shankar - Short and crisp
    Narendra - A nice poem

  25. I felt that these 3 were my pick Guria, Rajalakshmi and then narendran. I can vote only for one so


  26. i vote for RSV ..

    i liked his sarcasm way of writing his post and letting us ponder over it..

  27. I Vote for Srivatsan for the innovative cartoons as they say a picture's worth a 1000 words ...

  28. For me there was close tie between the posts of Swami Naveen and frozen well both were unique in approach but I guess will go with Swami Naveen.
    Others posts I liked are(but not in that order) and why did so
    Avada Kedavra's-Cos I totally agree with her
    Shilpa:Nice pics,better captions
    Rsv:Again a nice approach
    Shruti's:Lots of information and totally alive buzzing with her thoughts
    guria:Thought provoking-I loved it
    Vipul's:with the poetry and all-thats one heavy weight post.
    I enjoyed reading many of your posts,though I'm sorry I couldnot visit all of you :(
    Goodluck everyone!

  29. 1 vote to
    Nasrajan - THE INDIAN DREAM

  30. As usual I selected my choice based on two points.
    1. If the post makes me to read till the end.
    2. Does the content have wide angled suggestions and solutions.

    My vote goes to 'Vipul' (Though it didnt have much to keep moving, this had very good wide angled points)

    My second spot goes to 'Shruti' (very nice post with some well thought points. I was expecting more of her work than information. may be that is the reason I chose her to be second)

    I liked the following posts also.

    1. Avada,
    2. Madhu Rao
    3. Guria
    4. DDJ Dayanandh
    5. Pushkala

  31. Funny,
    I didn't receive even one second, third, fourth, fifth vote at least!
    But all the three times the person to whom I have voted won!
    I'm sad, but nevertheless my male chauvinism might have ruined the show (I couldnt help it, it was required there!)

    Congratulations to the winners!


  32. Sad that I couldn't vote. The US time zone plus two extra busy days kept me away. Me the procrastinator!! I could have done it earlier :-)

    Congratulations winners, and thanks to all those who wrote short reviews in the comments section...

    I am happy about that moment when I decided to join blog-a-ton. Its an awesome experience :-)