Saturday, December 26, 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS (belated alright) and a BREAKING NEWS!!!

Date for Blog-a-Ton 6 : ?????
Date for Topic Declaration : ?????

Hi fellow Blog-a-Tonics, a merry christmas to all of you. I hope Mr. Santa delivered you all the goodies in the last two days. There is still one remaining and he wants me to deliver it to you. Yeah yeah, Blog-a-Tonic of the Month ofcourse. But still, a lot of time remains.

Lets welcome the new members of our Blog-a-Ton family and then continue our tete-a-tete
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BREAKING NEWS - Blog-a-Ton 6 has been postponed by a week

Date for Blog-a-Ton 6 : Jan 9, 2010
Date for Topic Declaration : Jan 2, 2010

The reason behind this decision is simple - give you a break during this festive season, so that you can celebrate a great New Year. But the other reason is to allow participation of more Blog-a-Tonics in the topic discussion this time. I believe, once a person, takes part in this phase, he/she gets more inspired for the next one, that is marathon. Let's see if this hypothesis of mine holds any weight. So all of you have another week to put forward your suggestions and vote for those you like.

Move to the previous post for topic discussion.

Here are the present suggestions and the number of votes they got.
(Name of the Blog-a-Tonic who suggested and the link to his suggested image - Name of Blog-a-Tonics who voted for it (Total Number of votes))
Vipul - Vipul, Nethra, Pushpee, Mou, Neeraj, Preeti (6)
Pramathesh - Pramathesh, Deepti, Debosmita (3)
Sid - Sid, Narendra, Yemiledu (3)
Aneet - Aneet, Psych Babbler (2)
Madhu - Madhu (1)
Raji - Raji (1)
RajiM - RajiM (1)
Dil - Dil (1)
Talking Skull - Talking Skull (1)
Nethra - (0)
Now, those who have not yet suggested/voted, prefer to vote for one of these images or you may also suggest more images, if you want.

Kindly help in promoting the first Blog-a-Ton of the year 2010 by inviting others to participate in the discussions and the marathon through status messages and tweets on your social networking profiles.

In the comments section of this post, also suggest other ways as to how a blog-a-tonic can promote this event and invite both the existing members and potential members for the event.

P.S. The suggestions should be directed to fellow blog-a-tonics and not me as I am off to a much desired and deserved mini-vacation till next friday :)
Wishing you all a A Great New Year Bash
Blog-a-Tonically yours
Vipul Grover


  1. Uh ohhh ! Came here to see the topic selected but see a postponement..

    I wish we did stick to the schedule though.

    Anyways I am doubtful for the 9th as of now. In case I do not make it good luck to all ..

  2. Hi Vipul,

    It's very likely that I won't be able to post my topic by the 9th or even write an iota of it to schedule it for the 9th. I would be glad if you could make an exception and allow me to post my link it on the 10th, if I am able to get something written.

    Thanks for postponing the topic! I was planning on getting plastered on new years! :P

  3. hello to the fellow bloggers.. i just saw this blog-a-ton blog link on some blog .. and so i m here as a member .. :) i think it is a very good concept if we apply it to the full .. surely i have also given my suggestion for the topic .. and i want to propose something else also about promoting our blog-a-ton .. some points are :

    1. we can promote through social networking sites always .. through status messages .. and there is a 'promote' feature in orkut and fb lately ..that can also be used.

    2. we can decide a blog-a-ton day . or we can have two days a year .. when every member of the blog can write about blog-a-ton on their blog .. it will definitely make other fellow blogger notice that such a thing exist.

    3. we can have group meets also ofcourse when we grow in number. and if not group meets .. we can have group chatting sessions online .. that would be a cool thing to connect with each other ideas instantaneously.

    4. we can have a good template for the blog ??

    i think if all the 195 members of this blog work together in voting and promoting this blog of our .. it can be a great success .

    What do you think ?? :) ;)

  4. Thank God you shifted it, usually takes me 2 days to recover from a hangover. :)

  5. @golden vulture

    Welcome here!we do have a facebook page/group.although dormant it still has its own advantages.currently there isnt much of a networking on twitter...occaisonally some of us use #blogaton!!

    wave yes!!alright lets face it,google wave isnt a robust networking tool with point consideration being 'reach'..although it is really the god of all communication tools when it comes to communicating with a known set of people!! we have a wave(ad it is better if we have only one for BAT entirely) .if you are on wave you can add me 9render5@gmail ,i shall add you to the wave.

    otherwise send me your GMAIL id to this and i shall invite you to google wave ..i have some invites left and only 2-3 BATonics took it :(


  6. Hello,
    I saw think link on Pawan's blog who incidentally happened to be last time's winner.

    The whole concept sounds fantastic. I am keen to be a part of this.

    Happy New Year All!