Monday, December 21, 2009

Time for BLOG-A-TON 6

Date for Blog-a-Ton 6 : January 2, 2009
Topic declaration : December 26, 2009

I hope you all are geared up for the first blog-a-ton of 2010. And we will welcome the new year with a new format. I'll come back to this after welcoming our new members -
  • Chhayapath (Please provide us your name to be blogrolled)
  • Dagny Taggart
  • Mou
  • Bird Fan (Please provide us your name to be blogrolled)

    You all will be blogrolled soon.
This time we won't be blogging on a common topic. We will upload an image and it is upto the members to interpret it and write a post on it. It is something like a caption contest. The differnce here is that along with a suitable title, you have to write a complete post.

So with this, I invite your suggestions for a suitable image for Blog-a-Ton 6. Please keep the following things in mind while suggesting.
  • Each member can suggest only one image
  • Ensure that there are no copyright issues with respect to the image.
  • Provide a link to that image in the comments section
  • Use the following code to ensure direct navigability
        <a href="ADDRESS OF THE IMAGE">YOUR NAME's Suggestion</a>

         Eg. <a href="">Vipul Grover's Suggestion</a>
  • Before suggesting, go through the previous ones for sure.
  • If you like any of those, VOTE for them rather than giving a new suggestion.
  • While voting, just write the name of the person whose suggested image you are voting for. Use the name that he has provided in the above code.
  • In case you have already suggested an image but find some subsequent suggestion better than yours, you are allowed to vote for it. But this can be done only once.
  • Give your suggestions and votes in the comments section of this post.
  • Do not embolden your comment using HTML bold tag. Only the Marshal is allowed to use it.
  • Please keep these points in mind to make my job easier.
  • In case a comment is not posted according to these rules, it will be deleted.
Hoping to receive some cool suggestions
 Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. 2nd January as the posting deadline!!

    Vipul sir, you will be 'murdering' quite a few new year parties, as well as the post-new-year-hangover-syndrome!! Make it 3rd/4th Jan pleaazzz!!

  2. Hey Talking Skull, with topic being declared on Dec 26, I believe all party-goers will have ample time to write the post b4 the clock ticks 12 on Dec 31. Anyway, if other requests pour in, I'll look into postponing the event :)

  3. But, I still wish If we can write on the same topic containing the same image.

  4. I vote for Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky.

  5. Madhu | INDImag 's Suggestion - Afghan Girl
    One of the most recognized, re-used pictures by Steve McCurry for National Geographic ..

  6. I vote for Aneet's suggestion

  7. I vote for my own image...

    Sid's suggestion

    and no wake up sid jokes this time or I will flood ur post wid hu ha ha ha...:P

  8. @ SID : That was a cute in a nasty way.. *HUH*

  9. Sorry guys. Most probably I wont be taking part in the blog-a-ton this time. But I like Aneet's and Madhu's picture. But dont count my vote for image.

  10. @Raji
    I thought it was eternal love of kid with nature...:P

    Some pls vote for me... just one...pls pls psl...:D

  11. @Sid
    That is so grossy, but cute in a way.

  12. @Sid...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  13. I go for Sid!!!! i love it.. :) :) i want to adopt tat kid..and if she likes the piggy so adopt the pig too...

    ok i mean i vote for SID's choice

  14. oh yeah my vote cannot be i am not taking part in this BAT...sorry sid ;)


  15. Actually, I am unsure on whether I will participate.. I hope I can! Too early to tell.. thus spake Nostradamus.

  16. I am trying but can't add the image ! Kindly help!

  17. Will be participating for the first time :)...

    I vote for Vipul's image

  18. PS : Guessing we need to name our pictures ? Else we will have difficulties naming the BAT-6 post title that needs to be the same -- each will name the post per his/her interpretation. Unless ofcourse we name it generic like a 'View Point/Picture Post/Drishtikon' ..

  19. I vote for SID!

    lol I do!

    I am participating for the first time :~)

  20. @Sid

    Your eternal kiss is getting popularity. :)

  21. Hey Madhu.. don't wrry buddy.. I've wrkd out the details.. bt ur suggestion regarding a generic title like drishtikone etc. sounds nice. lets c :)

  22. I vote for Vipul's Image, though I have no idea whatsoever what I can come up with on that..What I know for sure is that it'll be challenging to the core!

  23. I vote for Pramathesh's suggestion. It has tremendous scope for a varied interpretation.


  24. Here are the present suggestions and the number of votes they got.
    (Name of Blog-a-Tonic who suggested - Name of Blog-a-Tonics who voted (Total Number of votes)
    Vipul - Vipul, Nethra, Pushpee, Mou, Neeraj, Preeti (6)
    Pramathesh - Pramathesh, Deepti, Debosmita (3)
    Sid - Sid, Narendra, Yemiledu (3)
    Aneet - Aneet, Psych Babbler, (2)
    Madhu - Madhu (1)
    Raji - Raji (1)
    RajiM - RajiM (1)
    Dil - Dil (1)
    Talking Skull - Talking Skull (1)
    Nethra - (0)
    Now, those who have not yet suggested/voted, prefer to vote for one of these images or you may also suggest more images, if you want.

  25. I won't for any of the pictures as I find all of them very dull and also if they were to be transformed into articles they might seem stereo typed too!

    We want better and mature pictures mate.
    Something surreal and classic.
    Like the Afghan girl pic

  26. Hey Pawan, if you dont find them good enough, please make a nice suggestion. Thats the purpose of conducting this discussion. Cheers :)

  27. :)
    Well here is my suggestion,

    Another one,

    Pictures like this unleash newer thoughts, the others are quite serious in their approach!

  28. Pawan, "Just one suggestion with the direct link".. Doing it for you..
    Pawan's suggestion

  29. I agree with Pawan that the picture that was trending up left me little to work with, but given it was democratically selected by the group we should have followed through. The fact of the matter is it was the top pick.

    While postponing the date by a week would have been a good idea when 'Talking Skull' suggested it a week ago, now at the last minute(on the day of the kick-off) seems knee-jerk to me. Given we knew what was going to be the pick, I'm sure some of us had their thinking caps on ; I sure did and dwelt on the picture-draft for a bit..

    Unfortunately, I'm tied up tight circa Jan-9 and may not be participating. Good luck to all !

  30. Madhu, it will be a gr8 loss to the event if u fail 2 participate (though i hav this feeling tht u'll still manage).. However, thr r sum 'intelligent' reasons bhind all the maneuverings i keep making in this event and i hope u'll hav the faith in me nd the reasons, whatever they mayb behind this decision.

  31. itna sannata kyun hai bhai :-)

    Vipul, I'll try to make it ; looks doubtful for now.

  32. To be honest, all the pics look dull. I am not very excited with the pic idea. I have strong thoughts of pulling out of blog-a-ton 6 :(

  33. I vote for the image suggested by Ankit (Golden Vulture)......

  34. @harsha ..i totally agree...we should have waited for all the submissions and then voted :P :(

    hey wait i havent given my submission..but i have voted already...this is from flickr and i have used this on my blog once...
    vipul,if not for BAT just ahve a look at it ..and understand that we need such deeper images...

    i dont expect a voting for this image..cos A)its not mine :P
    B).its already used on my blog once
    C)i have already voted..
    D)i may not participate.. :P

    Narendra's suggestion

    Vipul do let others know if this image is IN for voting or not..bye

  35. Hello friends, I am back from the vacation.and sadly, not much has happened here since I left. So another week for topic discussion didn't do mch of a help.
    Anyway, Harsha and Narendra.. wnevr sum1 suggsts sum topic or picture, thr is sum prspective bhind it.. for sum1 else, it may b dull but for othrs it may b pretty inspiring..
    And yeah, as per rules, it is clear tht any1 cn suggest any image nd othrs cn vote for it. So, I fail to undrstand, why narendra, u r asking for any permission 4 the same.
    Anf finally, ankit's and narendra's suggestions r brilliant bt sadly, they came in too late :)