Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blog-a-Ton 9 is here!!!

Date for Blog-a-Ton 9 : April 3, 2010
Topic declaration March 27, 2010

Hey friends, just take a break from IPL as Indian Blog-a-Ton League  is back!!!!

Lets get together to make it even Bigger and Better... For the starters, there is a BIG news - Blog-a-Ton has croosed 300 members :)

Now lets welcome the bloggers who have joined us and will be hopefully participating this time-
  • Mansi
  • Srikanth
  • Sid (Only active bloggers are blogrolled - Intimate us once you start regular blogging)
  • Surbhi (3 Cheers for the 300th Blog-a-Tonic)
  • Payal
  • Krishna 
  • Chet Baker (Please provide a bloglink to be blogrolled) 
 You all will be blogrolled soon.

So with this, I invite your suggestions for the topic for Blog-a-Ton 9. Please keep the following things in mind while suggesting.
  • Each member can suggest only one topic.

  • The topic should be general in scope, so that more and more Blog-a-Tonics can participate.

  • Before suggesting, go through the previous ones for sure.

  • If you like any of those, VOTE for them rather than giving a new suggestion.

  • If you like a suggested topic but don't like the wordings, still VOTE for it and alongside suggest a new title for it.

  • In case you have already suggested a topic but find some subsequent suggestion better than yours, you are allowed to vote for it. But this can be done only once.
  • Rather than criticising the suggestions made by others, kindly give better suggestions.

  • Give your suggestions and votes in the comments section of this post.

  • Do not embolden your comment using HTML bold tag.

  • Please keep these points in mind to make my job easier.
In case a comment is not posted according to these rules, it will be deleted.

And before I leave, a request to Tweeting Blog-a-Tonics - Please use #blogaton tag to make this event more popular!!!

Hoping to receive some interesting suggestions
 Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. dammm there is a challenger for the name SiD...m original B-)

  2. Why don't we write something for 1st April?? April month is fools month, guys help me formulate a topic around this...

  3. Hey Vipul, you got the wrong link from my profile. My blog link is

    @the original SiD
    how about "identity crisis" as a topic? :D

  4. Hey i liked Sid's(the original) idea on writing something on April 1st... will think of some topic on those lines...

  5. "Messy men OR urban legend?"

    ~Are men really messy or is it just a myth?

    Let's make this blog-a-ton-9 and NOT lame-a-ton-1! Really.

  6. I may sound a bit off track but we are nearing 23rd March. 3 young boys, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar n Hariram Rajguru, sacrificed their lives for us 2 liv in an independent india on 23rd march 1931.

    Shouldn't we bloggers pay our respects to them?

    i suggest- "Sacrifice"

  7. its summer time..! escape from school and college for 2 months!

    how about "ESCAPE"? it has other possibilities too...! :)

  8. I second Sid's suggestion and propose the topic "The Biggest Fool". I believe that it will again spawn a wide variety of interesting posts.

    @ Aneet: I do not think any of the Blog-a-tons till date has been lame! That was a ridiculous thing to say... Every topic has posed its own challenges and has manifested in different expressions and interpretations.

  9. i hope capitalization of the suggestion is ok.. i'm new to suggesting..

  10. @Debosmita and Tavish
    Cool, how about simple 'Fool', I mean people can go widely creative on fool? wot say??
    Lets make it Fool-a-ton...this time...

    @new Sid...
    I like name of your blog...:P Will catch up...;)

  11. I'm with Debosmita- 'The Biggest Fool' sounds good.
    Ravansaab real good suggestion there!

  12. @Sid
    hmmm sounds good... except that i was thinking lets make title a little more wackier... and i think u r the best guy to come up with one. :P

    btw there is a blogger called 'the fool' am sure he would love this topic :P

  13. @tavish
    Oho...theere is a blogger called the fool...:P ha ha ha...great...something related to fool...o_O

  14. i'm still not in the blogroll

    actually i've made a change in my name
    from vandana slathia to just "vandy"

    please include me in blogroll
    my blog is

  15. topic i suggest is

    "OMG!!!! i became a fool!!!"

  16. I second Sid's "Fool"
    btw, my link is

    I'm enrolled here as *theschmuck*,but blogrolling me as Sweta would do :)

  17. Nobody like Cricket? Its IPL ka season guys...

  18. @debosmita?

    What I am not allowed to have an opinion now? And notice I said "Lets not make it lame-a-ton-1" which implies that all topics so far have been good and we wouldn't want a lame topic now. So the next time you feel like saying something, think and then think some more.

  19. Thanks guys for wanting to dedicate this month's topic to me. Am i also allowed to support a dedication to me? If so I also vote for the topic.

    suggested title - 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread' - the catch line of my profile.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. @The Fool

    What does the title mean 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread', i.e. in the context of your profile really? Interesting one though.

  22. @ aneet - In the biblical context it means fools do not think what they are doing and undertake dangerous acts which even angels fear to undertake without even thinking of the consequences. In my case I interpret the fool to be a brave adventurer who explores new realms of thought which the cream of the society 'the angels' fear to explore.

  23. I second Ravan's "Fool". Simpler and open for interpretations..

  24. @ Aneet: I do not want to get into a discussion about interpretations and why you suddenly felt the need to say "let's not make it a lame-a-ton" when according to you, none of the other topics have been lame and why in your previous comments in other posts, you had once said that all the topics you feel have been school-essayish etc etc... without going into all that, I am happy to observe that you agree with me on the point that none of the Blog-a-tons till date have been lame.
    Cheers to that...
    P.S. I think, therefore I write

  25. Seems like "The Biggest Fool' is the most popular topic. In case there is no support for "Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread", I also vote for "The Biggest Fool".

  26. I vote for the "fool" .... why dont we just have a bit more flexibility?? instead of choosing betwn "fool", 'The Biggest Fool' or 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread', why dont we just have a vote on whether we can choose any subject with the word 'fool' in the topic? It could be just fool, biggest fool, greatest fool, april fool...anything. Allows for a bit more creativity.

  27. Hmm.. I take back my suggestion of "Escape" and go with the topic "The Fool".

    However, I second Swayambhu's suggestion that contributions could get more creative if anything related to "Fool" is accepted. a bit more flexible, as he says.... rest is up to Marshal I guess :)

  28. The Biggest Fool or Fool, anything will do :-)

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  29. well the majority seem to be with the fool... so am with it too... I vote for the fool

  30. "Fool" sounds good, I'd rather side with the original sid here, but I can't accept that April is the fools is not!

    Well @nethra.....there sure are many fools in cricket too.....I love cricket but I am afraid I am not that good at sports writing :(

  31. @Sweta and Vandy.. Both of you have been blogrolled. Hoping to see you participate in this blog-a-ton :)

  32. Intersteing......please include me in the blogroll. My blogs are