Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vote for the Eighth BATOM

Voting time has been extended. It ends at 2300 hrs (IST) on Mar 12, 2010

Let us welcome SpB!, the lone new member since yesterday.

Click here to check the fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton along with the direct links to their posts.

In this edition, 42 entries came in  within the stipulated time.

Please follow the following rules while voting:

1. You must cast only 1 vote and of course you can not vote for yourself.
Don't vote for more than one person because that will be of no use for any of them as your vote will be discarded without any prior warning.

2. Your Voting Comment should start as follows:

In case you participated -

I vote for - XYZ; his/her post = http://ABC/xyz.html

<b>I participated - <a href="YOUR POST LINK">YOUR POST LINK</a></b>
<b>I vote for - NAME OF THE BLOGATONIC YOU VOTE FOR; his/her postlink = <a href="HIS/HER POST LINK">HIS/HER POST LINK</a></b>

In case you did not participate -

I did not participate but I am blogrolled by the name of Vipul Grover.
I vote for - XYZ; his/her post = http://ABC/xyz.html

<b>I did not participate but I am blogrolled by the name of YOUR NAME ON OUR BLOGROLL. </b>
<b>I vote for - NAME OF THE BLOGATONIC YOU VOTE FOR; his/her postlink = <a href="HIS/HER POST LINK">HIS/HER POST LINK</a></b>

Replace the parameters highlighted in red with their actual values.

Remember, in case you participated, your vote will be counted as 1 and in case you didn't, then it will just carry the 1/2 value.

Hence, do not forget to give your post link or blogrolled name (whichever is applicable as clearly visible in the above code) as it will decide whether your vote is counted as 1 or 1/2 in value.

3. DO NOT VOTE for those posts, links to which have been posted after the stipulated time.

Now coming to the other rules:
  • Voting ends at  2300 hrs (IST) on  Mar 12, 2010.
  • Post your vote in the comments section of this post.
  • I have started moderating the comments and won’t display the voting comments till the end of this process to keep the result secret till its conclusion.
  • After the voting code mentioned above, you may also add the reason, why you voted for a particular post to help others know what you expect as a reader. Moreover, you may also mention the other posts that you liked though you can vote for just one of them.
  • In case there are multiple entries from any Blogger, while counting the votes received by him/her, the entries will be considered individually for the award.
The Votes will be discarded without any prior warning in case they are not sufficiently compatible with the rules.

So, if there is any query about voting or you do not find yourself blogrolled, feel free to drop in a mail at 'Contact The Marshal'. I'll try to get back to you asap.

Recent members, who have been duly welcomed in previous posts will be blogrolled within a day. So please bear with the delay.

A Humble Appeal : Please do not indulge in unfair Favouritism. Let us keep Blog-a-Ton clean of such practices.

Hoping to see genuine and fair voting
Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. I participated -
    I vote for – TAVISH CHADHA; his post =

    I voted for Tavish because I liked the way he captured the readers by coming up with a post which could be related very closely to what I call "the touch point" of the movie 3 idiots. The way he proceeded, it was one of the best ones i read. Infact, it kept me really engrossed..

    Apart from Tavish's post, I liked the following ones a lot :

  2. I did not participate but I am blogrolled by the name of Shahid.
    I vote for - Tavish; his/her postlink = HIS/HER POST LINK

  3. I participated -

    I vote for - Sid; his/her post =

    I liked it because it was a versatile story that was seamed well.

  4. I participated -
    I vote for - AVADA; his/her postlink =

    I loved the way she went about with the story. It was short, precise and had alot of technical stuff to support the story. At the same time the scenes were described bautifully.

    Having said that, i also liked the posts written by Karthik, Saurabh, Shilpa, Vipul, Rachana and Chanz.

  5. I am already done with the voting but I just wanted to mention that there is another post which I loved reading.

    I dont know whether this comment will be accepted or not since it is not related to voting but I just wanted to appreciate this guy for coming up with such a lovely post.

    Thanks :)

  6. I did not participate but I am blogrolled by the name of NEHA.
    I vote for - Sid

  7. I participated -
    I vote for - The Fool; his/her postlink =

    It was a tough call between The Fool, Rachana and Swayambhu....

    --> Rachana's being an honest and soothing post,,,, and swayambhu's being a responsible post with social awareness orientation,,, what made me to vote for 'The Fool' is the originality, creativity, simplicity, and conformity to the post title is an honest attempt.

    --> I would like to suggest everyone to go through the Swayambhu's post once, if possible.

    The other contenders for the voting ...

    # Swayambhu......
    # Rachana Shakyawar
    # Geeta
    # Arjith srivastava.......
    # Roma kapoor

    ** I do appreciate Debosmitha for suggesting this wonderful title and special thanks to Vipul for taking pains to conduct BAT 8.

    Elated Cheers,
    Mahesh Kalaal

  8. I participated -
    I vote for - Arjit Srivastava; his/her postlink =

    I liked the way Arjit made it totally funny. Really loved his post.
    I also liked these in no particular order:
    Megha's(a very funny take on SWengg), Tavish's (how he made his point by using the 3 idiots story), Pankaja's (nice twist), Vivek's (I wanted to write something similar and hence liked his take on this topic), Debosmitha's (her narration was good).
    Overall I feel everyone made their post very interesting and kudos to Debosmitha for coming up with such an interesting topic! Every post I read was different and imaginative :) I had fun reading all the posts and this time I did not miss reading even a single post!! :D
    Hope everyone enjoyed participating in this BATOM, the way I did :)

  9. I participated - LEO'S POST LINK
    I vote for - DEBOSMITA; his/her postlink = DEBOSMITA'S POST LINK

    I read quite a lot of posts, almost all of them, might have missed a couple of them.. but there were many that I liked a lot. Rashi's, Shruti's, Avada Kedavra's, Karthik's were some of the many.. I wish I could vote for all, but since I can't, I vote for Debosmita's post as told above.

  10. I participated -
    I vote for - Tavish Chadha; his/her postlink =

    This is my first time on Blogatonic. Really enjoyed being part of this. Most of the blogs were of very high quality. Really
    enjoyed reading. Left my comments on all the blogs. Finally I had a tough time choosing between 4-5 blogs that I liked most.
    Finally I decided on Tavish Chadha's blog as the message it conveyed was something very close to my heart.

  11. I enjoyed this session of time-travel, though in the beginning I was very apprehensive about the ingenious de la comp├ętence this topic demands.

    The topic is vast and numerous possibilities of weird yet enchanting imagination can be there. I looked into most of the entries and more it became difficult to choose the one of my fav.

    Though, I enjoyed:
    .VipulGrover’s ~ 88fiction a tiny sweet love twist,
    .Shilpa’s ~ Minisaga where minimum words echo the loud!
    .Shruti’s ~ Advise to think before killing rats
    .Debosmita’s ~ Earthy Bong bang
    .Tavish’s ~ 3idiot’s ideal learning through scriptwriting
    .Pankaja’s ~ well narrated nourishing intrigue side..

    Perhaps, the winner can be one though. So my vote goes to MAHESH!

    ~ His post wasn’t the usual dizzy blur effect, nor was it deep into literary ages to open eyes to realize the reality. It was the sheer reality with hilarious mountains of wizard imaginative names.

    ~ Cheers for creating anthem words like O my Dog!

    Considering his post connected the best with my vibe. It kept my smile glued on lips till the last dot so His amusing post is one which gets my ideal Vote! Celebrate:)

    I-RachanaShakyawar participated =
    I vote for - MAHESH =

    Keep the spark Alive..

  12. I participated - Time Travel
    I vote for - Tavish Chadha, his/her post = Time travel

  13. I did not participate but I am blogrolled by the name of Tharangni
    I vote for - Vipul Grover for his post =

  14. I participated - Zubair - Time Travel

    I vote for - Saro; his/her post = Saro - Time Travel

    Her post is so original. the words, the content, and the way she chose to spoke, and the climax. It was all natural. I hope she does great in the future.

  15. I participated - YOUR POST LINK
    I vote for - DilOnTheRocks; his/her postlink = HIS/HER POST LINK

  16. I participated - Time Travel.
    I vote for - Karthik; his postlink = HIS POST LINK

  17. I participated -

    I vote for - Vibhuti; her postlink =

    The narrative style, attention to details and the subject of the story impressed me a lot.

    Few other posts that I loved very much are those written by Debosmita, Harsha, Raksha, Leo, and Tavish.

  18. I participated - YOUR POST LINK
    I vote for - Chanz; his/her postlink = HIS/HER POST LINK

  19. I participated and I vote for Leo

    I simply couldn't get the codes; sorry for not voting in the proper format :-( Please count my vote in...

  20. I participated -
    I vote for - AK; her post =

  21. I participated, My post link :
    I vote for Saro, her post link :

  22. I participated - YOUR POST LINK
    I vote for - Harsh Chittar; his/her postlink = HIS/HER POST LINK

  23. Harsha surely deserves a win this time for his terrific write up, which at all times reminds of the good old stories by R.K.Narayan!

    And also he deserves the title spot as his story has no science fiction elements in it, and he used the topic judiciously to show his prowess.

  24. I participated - POST LINK
    I vote for - MAHESH; his/her postlink = HIS/HER POST LINK

    Other Time travels I found interesting were--Karthik,Makk and The Fool.