Friday, May 7, 2010

You Have Trapped the Escapist No. 1 aka BATOM 10...

Blog-a-Ton 10 finally comes to an end. It was a sad day for Cricket India but we have bigger announcements to make.

This edition saw 58 bloggers from around India (and World) coming together to escape from the complexities and the monotony of their lives; an escape we all are so fond of, the escape that gives us a chance to share our moods, emotions and fancies with others like us, the escape we all call -------- Blogging.

Lets see who amongst us was able to touch the maximum hearts and minds. Its time to declare the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month.

But before I do that, as it is customary, let's welcome the new members of this ever-growing family:

You all will be blogrolled soon!

So now, it is the RESULTS time.

As evident, each vote from a participant =2 cheers whereas from non-participants =1 cheer


In short, Blog-a-Ton 10 is Vipul Grover, the baldy guy, you all know so well by now.

Thanks a lot to all those who read my post and commented on it. Special thanks to those who voted for it. Though I have been waiting to win this badge award since the inception of Blog-a-Ton and was also fighting it out in this edition but now find myself in somewhat dilemma. But I'll prefer to be shameless for this one time.

I must congratulate Leo and Gyanban for giving such a close fight that made the results compilation so nerve wrecking for me. And do not forget that Leo managed to grab a vote for his second entry too (ok, ok, so did I).

You all can also read the voting comments now. Just click here to find who all voted for you or liked your entry and what they had to say about it!

P.S. Some votes which were highly incompatible with the rules have been discarded while compiling the results though they are kept visible in the comments section. Moreover, remember only those bloggers have valid votes who had been welcomed and blogrolled on Friday's Reminder post or who joined later but participated in the event.

And friends before I leave, I invite all of you to join our Fan Fun Page on Facebook - The Marshal, an attempt to have some fun beyond Blog-a-Ton!

Will be back soon with Blog-a-Ton 11
Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. hey Marshal, many congratulations! :)

    and thanks a lot to the 10 BATters who voted for me. Really means a lot! :)

  2. Congrats Vipul and thanks for managing such a good initiative. Although I didn't get a single vote but it was also my first time for BOT will try and let's see when will I get my first vote.

    I must also mention what a great experience it was .. first time I got so many comments on my post. Will definitely keep up participating in BOT.

  3. WOW!!!! Great Job, Vipul!!! CONGRATS...

    I never expected a vote from anybody, because I don't think I match the quality of my fellow bloggers here...

    But thanks a ton to The Painter for voting and all those who took the pains to read my blog and leave a comment. I'm happy to have made many new friends here...

  4. Congrats, Vipul! :)

    And thanks to Meghana, Tikuli, Siddhesh, Shilpa Garg, Geeta and Pawan for your votes. It really means a lot. :)

  5. Congrates Vipul!
    Well deserved and well presented the Result!
    Lets wish...we will have same vast majority next month too :)

    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

    ~Bwt: Okay i thought how come I lost my name in the sidebar list...I was about to tell u to address me as RachanaS as I found that recently one more girl have joined BAT whose name is also Rachana.
    Perhaps, You did things better...named my blog "HUMMING TODAY", which I liked it verymuch...+ my template also changed..and I like it even more!!
    ~Cheers and Celebrations!

  6. Before I'd say congratulations to you Vipul, let me clarify that you're the third whom I voted but can't find my vote for you in your tally!

    Please do check, that's significant to me!

    Let us put our hands together as we congratulate VIPUL - the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month!

  7. Congratulations Vipul for winning the BAT 10 and for the wonderful effort you've put in creating this idea of a blog marathon.

    Please update the url of my blog, "The Dialogue" to


  8. Congrats Vipul!!!! I loved your entry.
    And thanks a lot to Shilpa and Geeta who voted for me :)

  9. This was a landmark Blog-a-ton for many reasons. Of course 10th is in itself a landmark. So it was but fitting that the one who created this wonderful initiative should take home the cup. Congrats, Vipul.

    Other landmarks - greatest number of posts. Half century this time. Greatest number of votes. Greatest number of people in the points list. The list can go on.

    Actually the quality of posts this time was very high. More than just reading just so that others read yours, I really enjoyed reading most of the posts. I did a thorough job of ranking posts on an excel sheet. I had 2 posts on 9, 15 on 8, most of the others on 7, and just 4 to 5 posts on 5 and 6. It was a tough choice to choose one among the 15 I had rated 8. Voted for one that I felt was most unique.

  10. I am grateful to Saro, Tweety and Sushoban for voting for me. I am not here for winning. But I do need at least some votes to keep me going. I am glad I recorded my highest number of votes this time.

    This Blog-a-ton was momentous for me personally for me. I received the highest comments ever - hit a half century for the first time. 3 people from Blog-a-ton have begun to follow my blog.

    Once I again I want to appreciate Vipul for starting this wonderful initiative and keeping it going 10 successive months. This has helped me focus my writing and make new friends and read so many interesting blogs.

  11. Congratulations to Vipul and Leo for connecting with so many people with your stories - I think there lies the true success of your posts.God job.

    A warm thank you - to folks who voted for Papillion.Much appreciated.

  12. Congrats Vipul.. hope BAT reach new heights this time...

  13. Hearty congratulations Marshal!!
    And to everybody else who participated too!! :D
    Looking forward to the next B-A-T!! :)

  14. Congrats Vipul and thank you so much to all those who read,voted,cheered and commented on my entry. It is much appreciated.
    Already gearing up for the next B-A-T

    Guria and Leo .. well done Cheers to you !!

    I got some more readers for my blog, enjoyed some fabulous posts and learned from them. Basking in the glory of the winners .

    May out tribe increase .. Blog- a -ton rocks

  15. Hearty Congratulations, Vipul!
    Cheers :)

  16. Hey vipul many congratulations! Sorry I couldnt participate in the voting phase coz I wasn't in station. I enjoyed participating!

  17. @Leo.. thnx buddy.. congrats 2 u too :)

    @Vikas.. Well, as u said, its more about the xpirience thn the votes.. bt definitely, as time passes, u'll make ur mark.. aftrall its also about lil bit of networking in addition 2 writing, to have more nd more blogatonics visit u :)

    @Demented Actuary.. Thnx a lot frnd.. keep participating nd getting more nd more votes :)

    @Nethra.. Thnx :)

    @Rachana.. Hey, actually u were blogrolled as RAchana only.. bt sumhow, all those bloggers whom i am following got their names changed to their default names n d blogroll.. now u r again Rachana Shakyawar.. as u mst hav noticed, evn i liked ur template a lot and um folowing ur blg now :)

    @Amity.. Hey, ur vote is thr.. u voted for my othr post whoch hs been enlisted as Vipul (2).. thnx 4 the vote and i hop u hd a gud xpirience.. do invite othr bloggers frm ur country 2 this event :)

    @Chatterbox.. thnx a lot.. the efforts bear fruit due to the partication by all of u :)

    @Avada Kedavra.. thnx ash :)

    @The Fool.. Well, u hav put it nicely thr.. definitely a landmark.. thnx a lot.. I am happy u cud gt the readers u deserve. keep participating :)

    @Gyanban.. thnx a lot and congrats to u too :)

    @Jayanta.. Amen :D

    @Rumya.. thnx a lot.. keep participating :)

    @Tikuli.. Definitely our tribe will flourish if bloggers like u keep joning in. thnx a lot.. nd yeah, the next BAT will start in anothr couple of weeks :)

    @Shilpa.. thnx so mch, the BATOM 1 :D

    @Vibushan.. thnx frnd.. nvr mind.. thrs alwez d nxt time :)

  18. And yeah, now thanking all those who voted for me..
    and ofcourse out new frnd frm across d ocean, Amity.

    I must also thank all those who tuk out to time 2 read my posts and share their valuable thoughts about thm.. ur comments are as mch importnt as votes :D

  19. @ Congrats vipul....
    great goin...
    hey i coudnt find my comments in voting....

  20. thnx mahesh.. thnx for rminding.. will copy nd paste thm frm ur mail!

  21. Many many Congratulations Marshal...
    A very well deserved one :)

    Kp Up!!

  22. Thnx a lot Geeta, Richa and Karan.. keep participating and enriching this event :)

  23. Congratulations and celebrations!!!

    P.S. Your post had reminded me of Ruskin Bond's short story "Tiger in the Tunnel"...

  24. congrats Vipul!
    and congrats Leo too for coming a close second! :)