Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three BATOMs and a VETERAN

Another great edition of BAT comes to an end as India celebrates the 64th Independence Day. In BAT 13, we have covered 3/4th of our journey thanks to 75 entries coming this month.

As always, even in this edition we read some great posts but only some could garner the desired votes. Before we see the results, let's welcome the new members of Blog-a-Ton;
You all will be blogrolled soon!

So now, without loosing any time, lets see who are the BATOM 13...


As evident, here are the three Blog-a-Tonics of the Month. Just Click on their names to read their respective entries.





Vipul Grover


Siddhesh also deserves an applause for nearly making it to the top.

You all can also read the voting comments now. Just click here to find who all voted for you or liked your entry and what they had to say about it!

In this edition, I came across some posts which were not doing justice to the given topic. They were written really well and even garnered votes but somehow, they had nothing to do with Goodbye. Please, do full justice to the given topic in future.

List of Veteran Blog-a-Tonics

Last week, you all read the Blog-a-ton Experience of an anonymous blogger who blogs by the pseudo-name Tuppence.  She joined BAT in its second edition and has been a regular since then, missing just one edition in all this time.

 11/13 BATs 

To show my gratitude to this passionate Blog-a-tonic, I am inducting her into the List of Veteran Blog-a-Tonics. Join me in congratulating her!

Even you can get inducted to this list. To be eligible, you must have participated in atleast 10 BAT's.
Once your number of participation reaches 10, just drop me a mail with the links to all your posts (or simply label all your BAT entries and send me that single link).

Wishing you all a Happy Independence Day
Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. It's just such an amazing feeling to win the BATOM.. I've got the gold after twice ending up with silver :)

    thanks to all the 11 who voted for me..

    Meher, Maddie, Saravana, Keerthi, Amity, Pushpee, Binzy, Karthik, Jaspreet, Dreamer and Devilzangel, thank u for the recognition to my post..

    I'm over the moon! :D :) will be back on Earth soon, I've a title to defend in September ;) :)

  2. oh, and I just read the comments! :) thanks Gkam and Rumya too for keeping my BAT as one of the possible choices for a vote :D this time, the competition was tough, even I found it difficult to vote..! :)

    BAT is getting better and better! :D

  3. Well Till I win BAT, I will have to enjoy the votes I get. Thanks to Jaspreet for Voting. Thanks Dear.

  4. Congrats Leo , well done :)

    Congrats ...Vipul and Sid.. :)

    It was a nice experience :)

  5. congrats to all the winners. Thanks Shahid, Samadrita and Mayur for your votes :)

  6. the winners are...!

    Congrats Leo, you are most deserving! and to Vipul and Karthik, too!

    Thanks also to Rachana and Gyanban who voted for me, I admire your belief in me...;)

    And also to Tuppence for being a Blog-a-Tonic Veteran...:) now I look forward to getting that award, if that's all I can have here at BAT, but, whew....still a long way to go...that must be six posts more as of present count!

    But let's do it fellow blogatonics!

  7. Congratulations Leo and Vipul. A well deserved win.

    Vibhuti, Ritu, Pushpee, Vee, Dreamer, and Vipul - my heartfelt thanks for voting me.

    Pushpee and Dreamer - thanks a lot for those wonderful words. It felt great really.

  8. Congrats Leo , Vipul and Karthik.. :)

    Thanks a ton to Meher who voted for me.. :)

  9. Congrats! Leo, Vipul and Karthik. Well deserved you guys!!! And thanks Rumya and Gkam for voting for me :D

  10. Hey Leo, You deserve the win, Great Post.. Congrats Vipul and Karthik for topping the list.. Very well deserved win...
    I thank Rachana, R Zahib for voting me. Thanks a ton...

    Yours Frendly,
    Someone Is Special

  11. Thanks a ton to Ritu, Maddie, Tavish, Rumya, Binzy, UB, Dreamer and Vivek for voting for my post and helping me in winning the SILVER BATOM. Also thanks to Leo and gkam for mentioning my post among the other deserving ones..
    And ofcourse heartfelt thanks to all those who have visited and commented on my post :)

  12. Hi Vipul,
    My blog link is