Friday, March 25, 2011

The Blog-a-Ton JOURNEY continues...

Date for Blog-a-Ton 19 : APRIL 3, 2011 

With another journey, the ICC Cricket World Cup slated to reach the finale on April 2nd, 2011 and a possible clash with that for our Blog-a-Ton, the nineteenth edition of the Blog-a-Ton has been postponed by one day..

To the topic declaration; on the basis of the voting over last five days, we have narrowed down to the topic for BAT 19.

 Topic for Blog-a-Ton 19 : JOURNEY

Sureindran gives us this time's Blog-a-ton theme! Disaster, suggested by Aativas and Emptiness suggested by Meher were amongst the other topics that found favor from the Blog-a-Tonics.

  1. You can submit ONLY ONE POST for this event irrespective of the number of blogs you maintain.
  2. The title of your post should be Journey. (You can use it as A Journey or The Journey if you wish.)
  3. You must justify this title with a complementary post. To make things easier, you have the freedom to treat it the way you want. Its upto you; which genre of writing you choose, i.e. simple essay-type, article, dialogue, short story (even 55 Fiction for that matter), poem or whatever you feel like.
  4. Moreover, its upto you; which mood or tone you choose to set it in, i.e. serious, witty, humor, optimistic or whatever that comes to you naturally.
  5. If you are having a cartoon blog, photo blog, painting blog etc, even you can participate with your piece of art complementing this title.
  6. You have the freedom to choose the language of communication. However, we'll suggest you to write in English to put across your views to the maximum members which will also help you when its the time to vote for the BATOM.
  7. Other rules regarding the posting will be conveyed to you later. So kindly wait for that notification on next Saturday rather than putting up queries right now. If the queries are regarding general pattern of the event, please go through the posts about previous events.
So, you all have ample time to write it, but you'll have to wait till April 3rd to post it finally along with everyone else.

Please write your posts on time as the late entries will not be allowed to participate in the voting round (though the links will be added to the participants list).


  1. Sensible move and I (sincerely) hope India reaches the finals, though the semifinal is going to be cross-border classic match!