Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time to crown the FIRST and the first BATOM for the SECOND season of BLOGATON

Its that time of the month when we choose the Blogatonic of the Month or the BATOM, this will be the first of many Blogatons coming ahead. This time we got a good response from some new blogatonics plus obviously the old runners were there.

Thank you for participating in the run and again thank you for voting honestly about the blog you write. Lets get started with the votes. The votes and comments on them can be seen on previous post,

The Blogaton Junta has spoken. The Blogaton of the month are...



Saket Dabi


The link to the respective post can be found next to the trophies. Both of you can drop a mail hi5[at]sidoscope.co.in to collect the high-resolution pictures.

This was the most changed Blogaton and thanks to all the 34 participants for entering the contest in short notice.

This was the first and the last Blogaton marshalled by me hope you enjoyed it, next time there will be another awesome veteran Blogaton conducting the event. 

Don't forget to run and yeah, keep Blogging.

I will be found '@sidoscope' on twitter or 'http://sidoscope.co.in'  ;)

So long folks... as always.


  1. congratulations to the winners.
    Hoping to take part in the next Blogtaton soon.

  2. thanks amropali and anuradha :) I was surprised to see that :D

  3. thank you everyone for selecting my post as one of the winners... still can't believe it :D

  4. And here's the party spoiler -

    I would say it's a tie between Saket and Megha - 4 votes each. Both are GOLD Batoms.

    That's because Saket's 5th vote, from Anuradha, happens to be much after the scheduled close-of-commenting time and not even in the proper format.

  5. You are right kshitij but considering the hassles of wordpressers on commenting using HTML in Blogger and the fact that very less people voted, I did consider the vote.

  6. Hmmm... makes sense Sid. I knew you'd be disappointed by the turnout and the number who returned to vote.. but I want to say you did a good job. I enjoyed your round.