Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blog-a-Ton 33 - Topic Discussion - An Idea to change Blog-a-Ton!

Once again congratulations to all the BATOM and participants of Blog-a-Ton 32.

Are you ready for BAT 33 and this time with some more modified rules?


MONDAY, 29th OCTOBER 2012, 10:30 PM IST

An idea to change Blog-a-Ton?

Dear Saravana,

We've had 32 Blog-a-tons to date, 4 of them being image prompts. Leaving the 4 image prompts, and the 3 previous theme prompts, i.e. An Untold Story, Strangers in the Night and Two Minutes, we have done 25 other theme prompts. Why not, for a change, do a re-prompt? Give the Blog-a-tonics chance to vote for their favorite among these 25 themes, and Blog-a-ton 33 to have that as the topic? :)


How many times I had to miss Blog-a-Ton due to personal reasons though I loved the topic. It's a chance for me to write on the most favorite topic of Blog-a-Ton. I love this idea!

Blog-a-Tonics, are you ready? If you are, vote for a topic from the table given below :)

Edition Topic (Suggested By) Official Entries Votes
2 Teachers Aaj Kal (Vipul) 28
4 If I were a baby again (Daisy Blue) 38 AYUSHI...
7 What If? (Debosmita) 43 Naina Madan, Amity, Apala
8 Time Travel (Debosmita) 42 Mukta Dhanuka
9 Fool (Ravan) 35 Yatin
10 Escape (Leo) 58
11 Hidden (Leo) 52
12 Wish (Leo) 65
13 Goodbye (Debosmita) 73 Deepa Duraiswamy, Harshita, Megha
14 Return (Leo) 63 Andya, aativas, Cherry Blossom, Karan Shah, DGND
16 Celebrations (Uma) 43 Harshal, Rajrupa, Dilip Patel, Madhavi, muthu, Sadiya
17 The Mystery (Leo) 39 chips from a life
19 Journey (Sureindran) 33 Deepa Iyer, Shashiprakash
21 The Other Day (Nethra) 33 Scarlette
22 Revenge (Aashish) 24 The Solitary Writer
23 Free (Leo) 40 Sulaiman
24 Black & White (Ravan) 19
26 That Last Night (Animesh G.) 27
27 Once Again (adreamygal) 20
28 Blank Pages (Leo) 39 dreamer, Aarthy, Pavil

Please go through the following rules before suggesting or voting

  • We have changed the format ONLY for this BAT.
  • Instead of suggesting a new topic, we have decided to do a re-prompt.
  • The participants will have to take inspiration from the topic and write their posts.
  • Each member can vote for only one suggestion.
  • VOTE for the topic (by giving the edition number, or the topic).
  • In case you have already voted one but find some other topic better than your previous selection, you are allowed to vote for it. But this can be done only once.
  • Give your votes in the comments section of this post. 
  • Do not embolden your comment using HTML bold tag.
  • Please keep these points in mind to make my job easier. 
  • PS: I reserve the right to discard any votes in case if it is found inappropriate.

What’s more?

  • All the participants fan page will be featured with a short intro about their blog here.
  • There will be special incentive for the blogger who refers maximum number of Blog-a-Tonics to this edition. He\She will be featured on official Blog-a-Ton Page. If you refer someone or did refer them already in earlier editions, please ask them to specify your name in the code, which will be provided in Rules and Reminder Post! To consider a referral, the Blog-a-Tonics should debut in this edition or they should have participated in only two Blog-a-Ton editions or less than that!

Encourage your fellow bloggers to participate in this edition. You can share this post on your various social networking profiles through the ShareThis widget present at the bottom of this post.

Looking forward to a good Blog-a-Ton again.
Poetically Yours,
Someone is Special


  1. I vote for "Return" :)
    The idea for this BAT is very good !! Looking forward to participate

  2. I vote for 'Goodbye'

    Joined in few days back..Looking forwards to participate for the first time

  3. I vote for Celebrations. Isn't this the month of celebrations. Why not celebrate it with the theme "Celebrations". ;)

  4. I would wanna vote for "Free "
    A post which marked my begening in BAT almost a yr ago. .!!

  5. "Edition 4 : If I were a baby again by Daisy Blue" :)

  6. I would like to vote for 'Revenge' this time.

  7. Blank pages by Leo...can't think of anything better than this

  8. I vote for Goodbye. Simply because I see that it had 73 entries. 73!!! really? Wow! There's some with even 65 and 50s and stuff. Where did all those people go? But I don't see myself reading 73 entries to vote :(

  9. Leo, which ones you had missed? Then I would vote for one of those themes :-)

    I vote for 'Return'

    1. I made debut in Edition 8, so first three automatically missed ;)

      After that, I've missed #24, #26 and #27 from the list :)

      Thanks for the vote, Aativas!

  10. I am confused :\ ..
    Too many great topics :D .. I can't resist the temptation to choose "Goodbye" for some reason!
    I also liked 'Return', 'Celebrations', 'What if', 'Blank Pages', 'Journey' :)
    Undoubtedly Blogaton brings out our creative side!

  11. i don't know why, but i'll like to vote for 'fool' !

  12. I made a debut in 'Return' and I vote for the same.

  13. i vote for “Return”
    coz i cudnt participate thou i liked the theme

  14. i vote for return....i think i can write better on that topic

  15. I vote for 'return'. celebrations is also a great theme as we are in festive season!