Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month for August 2009 is...

Just back from a movie (Love Aaj Kal) and a dinner. Feel like lying down but have to do this job first. So here comes the final post of Blog-a-Ton 1. Before, we declare the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month (BATOM) for August, 2009, I request you, not to scroll down. Read this post in the given sequence and let the suspense build. You will like it for sure.

First of all, following the set convention, we'll like to welcome four new Blog-a-Tonics

We received a late entry from Ajinkya for Blog-a-Ton 1. In this short and crispy post, he basically elaborates on a particular scum of blogging. You might like to read it too. Do add his name and link to your Cream and Scum post.

Before continuing, I must also thank Sojo Varughese for his brilliant blog-post where he has reviewed our Blog-a-Ton initiative and wished for its success.

12 bloggers from around the country coming together to blog on the same topic on the same day was a great experience indeed. Seeing everything turning out as planned added to my elation. I hope and rather I know, you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

I spent the whole Saturday reading one entry after the other but never felt tired of reading the same topic as everybody had something refreshing to offer. Moreover, on revisiting these posts and going through the comments, it was great to see all the Blog-a-Tonics leaving individual comments on the posts of fellow Blog-a-Tonics. Some of them were there for the first time but one thing is for sure, they will return for more.

Dhiman is complaining about the dark circles, he has formed under his eyes and he fears this might drive away girls. But Siddhesh is there to reassure him with this creamy fact - You can impress that sweet girl sitting in the next cubicle that you are a writer.

According to Pawan, blogging has made him more versatile and communicative but Ranee warns that this communication tends to be happening more often on Internet while the real people we know are becoming dream-like, blurry, faded and insubstantial.

While Avdi and I vouch for honesty and unbiased approach in bloggers, Shankar admits that though most of his posts are biased, the readers always help him in forming more wholesome and unbiased opinions at the end of the day.

Saimanohar has called the blogs as the great information resources while ARJuna warns that some bloggers might be dishing out plagiarised information on their blogs.

While Daisy Blue takes the help of the cute Blog Devil and Blog Angel to put across her points, Shilpa has supported her points with researches, media reports and even judicial proceedings.

Bharathi elaborates an interesting scum that how he while conversing with anyone, has started linking his blog in such a way- Exactly pal, I indeed mentioned this in my blog while writing…. Blah blah. I believe most of us can relate to it.

On whole, while Shilpa and Saimanohar came out with the most well-researched and informative posts, Daisyblue and Ranee impressed everyone with their unique presentation.

But in the end only one takes home the award. What the fellow Blog-a-Tonics had to say while casting their votes can be checked here. Do check it as it is again very interesting.

In all 12 out of the 12 eligible voters casted their precious votes.

And the winner is..

Shilpa (with 3 votes)
She has been mailed her Blog-a-Tonic of the Month badge award. Here is a miniature preview. Do visit her blog to congratulate her and see the original one.

Votes obtained by other Blog-a-Tonics are:
  • Daisy Blue (2)
  • Saimanohar (2)
  • Vipul (1)
  • Ranee (1)
  • Shankar (1)
  • Bharathi (1)
  • Avdi (1)

Soon, we will be starting with the process for Blog-a-Ton 2.. So stay updated!


  1. No votes for me...aargh...Chun Chun ke badla lunga...heh heh heh...I have tagged all the Blog-a-ton members (Yeah that can be counted as badla, and I want to see you ppl complete it)...and yes I did miss out the new Joinees, so please help yourself...
    And yay...the pretty Rose won...:D
    yay...my vote was counted...and yay..I vote (I never do anywhere)

    Oh and a token of appreciation for Blog-a-ton team and Vipul, I got very nice friends out of it...:D

  2. Hi friends!
    I guess i was late for Blog-a-ton 1!! But the second edition will see me in the mix of things!!
    My heartiest congratulations to Shilpa!!!


  3. wow..congrats shilpa..... and thanks daisy blue..for voting to me.... and congrats all Blog-a-tonics who participated.... we all will once again fight next time.....(once again).....we blog..therefore we are...

  4. congratulations shilpa. Vipul, I think U have come up with a very good post too..But being the moderator,U may have got few.
    Proud to be a part of Blog-a-ton

  5. Congrats Shilpa. you deserve it for all the research you did. Finally I have something to satisfy my ego. The person whom I voted won the contest. :-)

    I thank Arjuna for voting me and I thank Shankar for considering me.

    Congrats again to Shilpa.

  6. Yay ! Thanks ! Great going shila. N you deserve a HUGE round of applause for going through with this thing Vipul. Take a bow !

  7. First congrats Vipul on successful completion of Blog-a-Ton 1 & your last post indeed built the suspense :-)
    Congrats Shilpa .. you got to keep the cute badge :D
    And thanks Vipul & Dhiman for your votes.
    Looking forward to the next Blog a Ton !!

  8. Hey Congrats Shilpa, You'll be going down in the annals of history as the very first Blog-A-Tonic Of The Month.
    No votes for me, obviously can't expect people to like a bunch of two line stanzas.
    But I got to really communicate with such great people and my blog post recieved a record 12 comments from you guys (yeah thats a record for my blog alright).
    All in all, it will be an eager wait for the next Blog-A-Ton eh?!?!

  9. Vipul..one doubt.... For the first blog-a-ton only 12 participated,... so it was easy to read each one's post and vote..suppose in next blog-a-ton 100 participate..is it possible for everyone to read 99 other ost and vote???

  10. First of all i'll answer shankar's immediate query.. buddy ofcourse its possible.. bt thn do u go thru all blogs nd posts wn voting 4 indiblogger of the mnth.. wn sch a time cums tht more nd more r participating, thn ofcourse one will have 2 do sum canvassing 2 gt d votes. if u want 2 win u'll go 2 other's posts nd leave cmmnts.. this might bring back othrs 2 ur post.. so basically who'll read more will increse his chances:)

  11. @saimanohar.. thnx 4 appreciating my post:)

    @shankar.. thnx 4 voting 4 me buddy:)

    @raneeji.. thnx 4 giving my post highest marks:)

    @avdiji.. thnx 4 d bow ;)

    @daisy blue.. thnx.. mst thnk u all 4 d success..

  12. Congratz Shilpa.... and everybody for participating and Thanks Vipul for coming out with such an idea...So now looking forward to Blog-a-Ton 2 and so many more bloggers on-board it'll be more fun ....

  13. OMG!! I am speechless!! I guess, a Thank you should make me come out of this current state!!

    So a very BIG thank you to everybody...for their support, for participating and for making this Blog-a-Ton a BIG success!!

    And its time for celebrations!! Right??

    Please join me in celebrating at the "After Award Party" at http://shilpaagarg.blogspot.com/!!

    Waiting.... :)

  14. Congrats Shilpa! And kudos to all of you who participated :)

  15. @vipul: ok...nice idea... lets see how next blog-a-ton takes shape.....