Saturday, August 8, 2009

Time for Blog-a-Ton 2...

Date for Blog-a-Ton 2 :
September 5, 2009
Topic declaration : August 29, 2009

We successfully concluded Blog-a-Ton 1 on Tuesday. The credit goes to all the Blog-a-Tonics who participated and supported the event.

Our community has been growing at a satisfactory pace. We'll like to welcome the new Blog-a-Tonics

Here I am presenting the general pattern that will be followed in all the forthcoming Blog-a-Tons. (In the brackets, you can see the dates pertaining to Blog-a-Ton 2.)
  • Initiating a new Blog-a-Ton by inviting suggestions for the topics : Second Saturday (Aug 8)
  • Shortlisting the top 3 topics for further voting : Tentative (When the Blog-a-Ton Marshals feel the need to close the entries)
  • Declaring the topic for Blog-a-Ton: A week before Blog-a-Ton; Last Saturday (Aug 29)
  • Reminder: A day before Blog-a-Ton (Sep 4)
  • Blog-a-Ton: First Saturday of every month. (Sep 5, 2009)
  • Opening the Voting: Next day (Sep 6, 2009)
  • Declaration of Blog-a-Tonic of the Month: Before Second Saturday (The time given for voting will be decided keeping in mind the number of participants)

I welcome the first Blog-a-Tonic of the Month,
Shilpa Garg who has volunteered to help us in marshalling the Blog-a-Ton 2. I am sure she will play this role proficiently and help in conducting another smooth Blog-a-Ton.

So with this, I invite your suggestions for the topic for Blog-a-Ton 2. Please keep the following things in mind while suggesting.
  • The topic should be general in scope, so that more and more Blog-a-Tonics can participate.
  • Before suggesting, go through the previous ones for sure.
  • If you like any of those, VOTE for them rather than giving a new suggestion.
  • If you like a suggested topic but don't like the wordings, still VOTE for it and alongside suggest a new title for it.
  • Give your suggestions and votes in the comments section of this post.
  • Please keep these points in mind to make our job easier.
As Blog-a-Ton 2 happens to be on the Teacher's Day, I suggest it will be nice if the topic is related to education and teaching. You are welcome to come forward with better suggestions.

Also help in popularising Blog-a-Ton and bringing in more participants by putting up the Blog-a-Ton badge (available in the widgets) on your blog and if possible, reviewing this initiative by writing posts about it.

So, with this, it is GET SET GO from our side!


  1. A suggestion..lets keep a light weight topic for blogaton...
    This will help in reducing writers...block in mind for topics...

  2. Should Computers (coupled with internet, e-learning modules et all) replace Teachers??

  3. Independence Day is round the corner...
    I was hoping it to be something like "Thunders and Blunders of 62 years!!"

    But since it is on Teacher's day, I propose "is the purpose of education lost"
    With increasing quality and quantity of schools, one expects a better society. But corruption is still rampant, young people are throwing there parents of there families, and social evil is on the rise. Is the only purpose of education to earn good bucks?

  4. I like the Thunders and Blunders of 62 years....

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  6. "is the purpose of education lost"

    I vote for it!

  7. its hard to vote.. i wud love to write on both.
    but.. if i have to, then i go with anything on education.

  8. I agree with Shilpa - Should Computers (coupled with internet, e-learning modules et all) replace Teachers??

  9. Suggestions also posted on Indiblogger

    1) Monday morning blues
    2) Internet-aholics anonymous

  10. Why cant we give freedom to participants this time.
    Let them choose their topics.

  11. @ Bharathi.. One topic nd one day is the integral part of Blog-a-Ton.. As time progresses we may think of some variations bt 2 do away with one topic will actually totally change the meaning of this initiative.. it is meant to bring out the diffrnt perspectives on a givn topic.

  12. @Bharathi- Nice suggestion. Would have loved it. But i guess the purpose of blog-a-ton is to write on one topic together...

    Suggestions made till now-

    1. Should Computers replace Teachers?
    2. Thunders and Blunders of 62 years
    3. Is the purpose of education lost?
    4. Monday Morning Blues
    5. Internet-aholics anonymous

  13. Innovation is the buzz word we are also seeing the emergence of great ideas like twitter, plinky (on net) then there is the popular hole in the wall concept (one PC for every village to spread e-literacy)
    So why don't we write about-
    "Innovation And Ideas: The Indian Scenario"

    If not this topic then I would vote for "Internet-aholics anonymous"
    Though I suggest - we could make it
    "Internet-Use and Misuse In Daily Life."

  14. Well, I feel confused with so many topics. Initially, I also had a topic "Internet and Self Publicity". But, I backed out and voted for a topic that was already provided. So, guys please don't confuse me more.

  15. Well, I have a suggestion here, how about "Teachers- Thought shapers or Money Gobblers"!

  16. Well, i see sum gr8 suggestions..
    Now, i'll cum with mine..
    I vote for Pawan's topic bt want to reframe it..


    or mayb Shikshak Aaj kal ;)

  17. 'Gurus' of Yesterday, 'Teachers' Today!

  18. Shikshak Aaj Kal makes sense!
    I vote for my topic!

  19. "Shikshak Aaj Kal" sound good and doable I vote for it !!!

  20. My vote goes for "Should Computers replace Teachers?" :)

  21. i vote for thunders and blunders of 62 years

    but how about "yester year teachers Vs Present day teachers"

  22. I vote for is the purpose of education lost.

  23. What we we do a 55-fiction blog-a-ton??? that way it will b different this need 2 follow suit right???

    What say???

  24. Hey sid.. how 2 prsnt the topic is the bloggers choice.. if u rmmbr last blog-a-ton raneeji wrote a nice crispy fiction 2 explain cream nd scum, while daisy blue used a dialogue. So if sum1 feels like writing a 55 Fiction on the givn topic, he/she cn do it 4 sure. but yeah, for the time being, we'll b going 4 a single topic. I promise 2 refine the pattern from blog-a-ton 3 onwards depending upon the respons frm other blog-a-tonics:).

  25. Well, lets see how Blog a ton 2 cooks!

  26. Hey Vipul and others.....

    i wanna join BLOG-A-TON 2.......

    i am following this blog.....

    whats next?????how to proceed?????

    Inform me guys.

  27. @ IndianPundit: Currently suggestions are invited for the topic. So you may suggest any topic related to Education and Teaching.

    Soon voting will start for the the topic with most votes will be chosen for Blog-a-Ton 2.

    For further details, keep visiting this site. You will find all the action here!!
    And welcome on Blog-a-Ton!! :)

  28. hey is there a way I can subscribe by email to this blog ?

  29. i vote:

    "is the purpose of education lost?"

    This is the MOST IMPORTANT topic suggested till now as per my opinion.


  30. @Anonymous
    thnx 4 d suggestion.. We'll put up various subscription modes soon on the side bar.
    Meanwhile, u snd me ur email id at Contact Us nd I'll add u 2 d automatic mailing list of the blog.

    If anyone knows of a convenient way for providing rss feeds and email subscription nd other modes, plz mail me the link at Contact Us.

  31. Hi..

    My topic is Teaching a service or a profession??

    Sice teaching is mostly considered as profession today..we lack good teachers... and safety for school students is not as it was before....

    "Teaching a service or a profession?"

  32. Summary of suggestions so far...

    Topics Related to Education and Teaching:

    1. Should Computers (coupled with internet, e-learning modules et all) Replace Teachers??
    2. Is the Purpose of Education Lost?
    3. Teachers- Thought Shapers or Money Gobblers / Teachers Aaj Kal
    4. 'Gurus' of Yesterday, 'Teachers' Today! / Yester Year Teachers Vs Present Day Teachers
    5. Teaching a Service or a Profession??

    Other Suggestions:

    1. Thunders and Blunders of 62 years!!
    2. Monday Morning Blues
    3. Internet-aholics Anonymous
    4. Innovation And Ideas: The Indian Scenario
    5. Internet-Use and Misuse In Daily Life
    6. Internet and Self Publicity

    Wonderful suggestions so far...

    In case you have any other new suggestion for the topic for Blog-a-Ton 2, rush in your suggestions by August 15th.

    From August 16th, we move into the next phase of voting for the suggested topics!!

    Stay tuned for more information and updates!!

    Cheers :)

  33. Well, looking at so many Teacher's special topics, it can be summarized as Education et al.

  34. Hey Shilpa, in the summary of suggestions the second part of 3rd topic Teachers Aaj Kal actually goes with the 4th topic 'Gurus' of Yesterday, 'Teachers' Today!

  35. I vote for Thunders and Blunders of 62 years!!

  36. @Website Administrator:

    Can you please include my name in the blogroll and blog-a-ton list since I would be taking part in Blog-a-ton 2?

  37. @ evanescentthoughts, plz strt following the blog thru the friend connect widget. We regularly update our blog list by adding the new followers, i.e. new Blog-a-Tonics.

  38. Hey thanks. I am now following Blog-a-Tonics

  39. What about....

    "Are comics good for you?"

  40. gurus vs teachers... i think its a nice topic because lets face it not all bloggers like only hard core articles so i am pretty sure that the realm of creativity that cn be covered with this topic is quite good wht say

  41. :D Well actually I meant 'gurus' in the sense that earlier, they were really our mentors/guides. And today they are just commercial 'teachers'... MOST of them, I mean. Some teachers even today still have a real passion for teaching... and bringing out an overall growth of kids. So yeah... it was a sort of rephrase of "Teachers Aaj Kal", as Vipul has clarified above.

    Looking forward to reading your posts on this one... cheers! And all the best!