Thursday, November 12, 2009

And the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month is....

Well another Blog-a-Ton, another 'THE END'. With the voting over for the fourth edition of our event, this happens to be the final post for it.
Before we move further, lets welcome the new members:
You all will be blogrolled soon!

Without building any suspense this time, here are the results:
As evident, each vote from a participant =2 cheers whereas from non-participants =1 cheer

Congratulations Madhu, you surely deserved it. Please forward your postal address, so that Chetan Bhagat's latest novel can be mailed to you. Right now, I am e-mailing you your badge award!

You all can also read the voting comments now. Just click here to find what others had to say about your posts!

Once again, thanks to Sojo for sponsoring this gift for the winner.

Will soon be back with Blog-a-Ton 5,
Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. Me first!!! Madhu, you owe me!!!!! :D
    Congratulations!!! Couldn't be happier!! :)

  2. Naah he doesn't.. Even without ur's he wud hav won :p

  3. @Vipul... nopes even before changing my vote.... I had told him he'll win... and then I asked you :P :P

    Madhu, let me pass on my Crown! :P ;) :D

  4. Hey Vipul, congratulations to you too...
    Marshall!! ;)

  5. Congrats Madhu, you easily had the best post.
    Thanks Vipul and Aativas for your votes and cheers, means a lot to me :)
    Congrats Vipul on yet another successful Blog-a-Ton.

    P.S: Last time i voted for Guria, she won. This time i voted for Madhu and he won. I feel a power :) :)

  6. congrats madhu ..... n a big applause for rest of the blog-a-tonics

  7. Aweome! Congratulations Madhu and all those on the voted for list!
    It was a fun time...and I am glad I joined up.
    @Vipul - unless there is another Sandy (I am also called Sandy) you are referring to I have already been added and welcomed.

  8. Congratz ! Madhu a well deserved one :D.... Marshall sir congratz to you too for Runners-up Chalo this time my vote was in among the top :D

  9. Vipul: BAN Harsha unless Harsha's votes for either of us... :-P

  10. congos :P
    Madhu sir..
    and Mar5hall too..
    (heads off :))

  11. Hey congrats Madhu...

    but marshall ji... I couldnt find my vote..I am confused...

  12. Dear All,
    I'm happy and humbled. Thank you for the votes and the nice comments. I greatly appreciate it.

    To envision this platform, create it and nurture it while still coming up with posts that are in the top-3 consistently requires a great deal of commitment -- something our Marshall Grover has in abundance. Thank you Vipul. I'll mail you my address..

    I would be lying if I did not say voting was a lot more tougher than writing the post itself, thanks to so many great posts. We have a great pool of talent that's growing by the day..

    Guria, I owe you big time ! Tuppence, Govind, ARjuna, Raji, Harsha, Dreamer thank you for your appreciation. I hope to e-thank you in a small way in a day or two..

  13. Of course congrats Mr. Madhu!!!
    But rest apart congratulations to all of those who participated because your participation makes this initiative a wholesome process.

  14. hey madhu.. you deserved it.. it was absolutely awesome to me!!

  15. Thanks friends for all the appreciation and kind words.. U all are part of this success, so give a pat on your own backs too :)

  16. @Shankar.. Hey, i didn't receive ur vote.. mayb while voting, u closed the window before the comment cud b submitted!

  17. Congrats Madhu!

    Thanks Vipul for organizing the show!

  18. Congrats Madhu.. :)
    Keep creating expressive flavours :)

  19. Congrats Madhu :) you really deserved it :) Thanks Vipul for conducting this :)
    Hey Vipul, agree with you, paste thingy works when I am logged in :)

  20. Madhu Congrats! Will look forward to more such posts :)

  21. Congratulations to all those who participated in this edition and double congratulations to Mr.Madhu for his great post

  22. Congratulations!! Madhu

    have the celebration??



  23. Congrats Madhu..!!

    Sorry guys, shamelessly visiting the space after everything is over :-) . The month has been hectic, Couldn't blog, couldn't vote, couldn't even read the entries..

    Have to catch up with the posts now...

    Congrats to the other winners too.. :-)

  24. @Vipul
    what Yaar,
    I fell forward in an attempt to trying to pat myself..
    what Yaar..

  25. Congrats Madhu!!!!!!! Well Done!!!!! :-)

  26. Hi
    My Blog address is given below.

    I am not actually able to understand what this contest is about.

  27. Hi Sandeep, read about Blog-a-Ton by following this link and just browse through this blog to get a hang of the contest!

  28. SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE TO WISH MADHU !! deserve it :) fully

  29. Congratulations to all! Well deserved :)

    @ Vipul: When do we start to decide on the topic for season 5... ???

  30. Btw Vipul... its pretty commendable that you got the blog-a-ton so pupular in a relitively short period of time. If am not mistaken its about 5 months.. billiant! :)