Friday, November 20, 2009

And Here Comes the BLOG-A-TON 5 :-)

Date for Blog-a-Ton 5 : December 5, 2009
Topic declaration : November 28, 2009

Last month, when we initiated Blog-a-Ton 4, our membership had reached the 100 mark. And today, we have moved well beyond 150. So lets welcome the latest members first of all.
You all will be blogrolled soon.
So with this, I invite your suggestions for the topic for Blog-a-Ton 5. Please keep the following things in mind while suggesting.
  • Each member can suggest only one topic.
  • The topic should be general in scope, so that more and more Blog-a-Tonics can participate.
  • Before suggesting, go through the previous ones for sure.
  • If you like any of those, VOTE for them rather than giving a new suggestion.
  • If you like a suggested topic but don't like the wordings, still VOTE for it and alongside suggest a new title for it.
  • In case you have already suggested a topic but find some subsequent suggestion better than yours, you are allowed to vote for it. But this can be done only once.
  • Give your suggestions and votes in the comments section of this post.
  • Do not embolden your comment using HTML bold tag. Only the Marshal is allowed to use it.
  • Please keep these points in mind to make my job easier.
  • In case a comment is not posted according to these rules, it will be deleted.
    Kindly volunteer to compile all the suggestions every third day and post them together in the comments section to help others.

Hoping to receive some cool suggestions
 Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. Given that December 1st is World Aids Day, I'd like to suggest a topic on Aid's Awareness: the Stigma and the Isolation

  2. Every regular internet user, at some time or the other downloads pirated songs or softwares, even though they know it is illegal to do so.

    The main reason behind this is the high price of many music tracks and softwares, which are too heavy for the pocket of the users.

    This has led to the unprecedented growth of Peer 2 peer (P2p) sharing networks like torrents and limewire. A new revolution has altogether started, called the "Anti Copyright Campaign".

    Do you support p2p and internet downloads or do you think they are a bane to the internet community?

  3. Hey blogroll me too. I commented here( but I think it went unnoticed.
    - G

  4. hi...

    Could you please blogroll my name?
    I have joined long back, but couldn't see my name in the list

    thanks ,

  5. Hi,

    Regarding the topic name, As November 26 commemorates the taj hotel carnage, I would like to have a topic with title "Being a soldier/police".


  6. My name is Annyesha Mohanty and the following is my blog link:

    Thanks a lot for making me a part for Blog-a-ton :)

  7. Hey,

    Thanks for the Welcome. Looking forward to Blogging-a-ton! :)

    I'd like to suggest the topic 'My Dream of India'

  8. my Topic : "Self Publicity in the Internet Age."

    We are all here for doing our publicity, orkut, facebook or blogging. The companies are making money because we like the idea of self publicity.

  9. I would like 2 say...'Aids' is a nice topic...:D

  10. They say, "Memories are all we really own". We may be leading ordinary lives... yet we all have witnessed some or the other headline grabbing event(s).

    How about writing on the 5 seminal or history making events that we have been a part of/witnessed/observed and have a good recollection of... What say???

    Topic: "Living History - Glimpses of 5 Seminal Events - Through My Eyes."

  11. With all due respect, Lighten up people! Whats with the topics? Can we try and be zany? :O

  12. For all of those who are itching to call me a hypocrite (:P) here's my topic: "Spunk: you have it or you go have tea"

  13. My suggestion: Social networking: an addiction? or is it good?

  14. hello all...why not keep it plain and simple 26/11

    and i must remind you in BAT3 we decided that a topic 'all in a day's work" will be considered in BAT4..which dint happen. :( so....

    @aneet i second the thought...:)

  15. Hi,

    Can you please blogroll me... I have joined long back..

  16. Gosh!
    Each one has a topic of their own!
    Think people think!
    We need to get a topic fast!

  17. What about "THE FUTURE OF POLITICS"?

    Bloggers can post their constructive/ destructive, optimistic/dismissive, abusive/curative... .. views on the topic.

  18. MMmmmm... a colour tied to an emotion.. though it is vague.

  19. @Saro: MMmmmm.... that sounds ..... psychedlic! My kind of stuff!

  20. My two cents :

    @Psych Babbler,
    Very relevant and compelling topic, but it does shut out comic aspects -- you need to be a genius to parody that topic and not offend people :-). Add to that, media will be awash with their runs of AIDS related messages-programs in the first week of December..

    Nice topic, but 5 events, seminal to boot may compel people to make it long. Add to that coming up with 5 events of that stature may weaken the post (people may add in fillers).

    Maybe just 1 is better ?

    Strangely I like what you suggested. Don't have a clue as to how to interpret it, but it is intriguing..

    Given we do not seem to have a consensus, do we need to look toward over-flow topics from previous BATs :

    1. All in a day's work -- as pointed by Narendra

    2. A Perfect Day -- That was a close runner up in BAT-4

  21. I go for keeping it simple. A topic that can be open to interpretation and different tones of writing.
    I also liked the previous Batom's topics, second Madhu, and third Narendra, "All in a Day's Work" (which could also be a perfect day's work)!

  22. I second Solitary writer and in words of Guria, third her, fourth Madhu and fifth Narendra!!!
    All in a Day's Work, let it b.. (now tht evn i'v starting wrking :p)

    The newbies, this is not the final topic but just my vote.. plz continue suggsting nd voting for the one u like!

  23. Hi Vipul,

    Please blogroll my name. I joined long back.


  24. What about the topic "What if..."?

    It will give us all the flexibility to creatively interprete the topic and write either on missed opprtunities, or regrets in life or may be a fiction with this theme...It will also give us a variety of posts to read and vote for.

    Whatever be the topic, please make sure that it allows enough scope for variety and creativity.

  25. I too joined about a week ago & would like to be blogrolled. My blog-
    Thank You.

  26. Marshal,

    Are congrats in order ? !

    What's with the " tht evn i'v starting wrking :p).." ? Which lucky company do you grace now ? :-) . All the best ..

  27. My vote for all in the day's work too. There is a huge scope to the topic and its simple and interesting.

  28. I withdraw my suggestion for the topic and vote for Madhu's second suggestion "A PERFECT DAY"

  29. What if ...sounds interesting.

    My suggestion would be to put up a picture and see where people take it.

    It gives room for all types of entries, makes a diverse read and creativity as well.

  30. all in a day's work
    it seems interesting, but also tell more abt this topic
    any way i vote for this one

  31. no no .. i am sorry,
    i'd like to vote for-- what if
    i just looked at this one

  32. what if,, sounds interesting.. just a day to go.. make ur choice!

  33. I vote for "A Perfect Day"

  34. Hi! I'm Ths and my name is actually 'Tharangni'...