Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vote for the BATOM 4..

Voting is over. Madhu Rao is the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month!

Finally the recession has hit the Blog-a-Ton too. It shows a negative growth in its fourth quarter.. errrr.. I mean edition. For the time being lets stick to the task at hand and leave the brainstorming to find the reasons behind this downward spiral as an agenda for the subsequent post!

Well now, dropping this boring corporate lingo, lets welcome the new Blog-a-Tonics first of all -

Click here to check the fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton along with the direct links to their posts.

In short, 38 entries came in and some more late entries are expected (genuine reasons for getting late have been conveyed to me).

If there is anyone else who was unable to post in time due to any genuine reason, please convey it to me at 'Contact The Marshal' along with the link to your post.

Based on our discussions, I have finalised the Voting rules this time.

First of all, lets see the Discussion trends:

Those in favour of half voting rights for non-participating Blog-a-Tonics:
Madhu, Avada Kedavra, Mustaf, Talking skull, Raji, Naveen, Swapna, Shankar, Ki, Sojo, Shilpa, Guria, Ankit, Vipul
 = 14

Those in favour of full voting rights for non-participating Blog-a-Tonics:
Narendra, Pramathesh,  Aativas, Soin, Dhiman, Makk, Daisy Blue, Debosmita
= 8

Those in favour of no voting rights for non-participating Blog-a-Tonics:
Prashant, Venky, Chetan, Pushpee
= 4

Kindly bring it to my notice if I have missed to include someone inadvertently or categorised his/her vote wrongly.

So, as is clear from these results, half voting rights it is. I hope everyone appreciates the decision.

Please follow the following rules while voting:

1. You must cast only 1 vote and of course you can not vote for yourself.
Don't vote for more than one person because that will be of no use for any of them as your vote will be discarded without any prior warning.

2. Your Voting Comment should start as follows:

In case you participated -

I vote for - XYZ; his/her postlink =

<b>I participated - <a href="YOUR POST LINK">YOUR POST LINK</a></b>
<b>I vote for - NAME OF THE BLOGATONIC YOU VOTE FOR; his/her postlink = <a href="HIS/HER POST LINK">HIS/HER POST LINK</a></b>

In case you did not participate -

I did not participate but I am blogrolled by the name of Vipul Grover.

I vote for - XYZ; his/her postlink =

<b>I did not participate but I am blogrolled by the name of YOUR NAME ON OUR BLOGROLL. </b>
<b>I vote for - NAME OF THE BLOGATONIC YOU VOTE FOR; his/her postlink = <a href="HIS/HER POST LINK">HIS/HER POST LINK</a></b>

Replace the parameters highlighted in red with their actual values.
Do not forget to give your post link or blogrolled name (whichever is applicable as clearly visible in the above code) as it will decide whether your vote is counted as 1 or 1/2 in value.

3. Vote for only those entries which are listed here. If there are any late entries which are allowed to participate, they will be posted there as well.

Now coming to the other rules:
  • Voting ends at 1900 hrs (IST) on  Nov 12, 2009.
  • Post your vote in the comments section of this post.
  • I have started moderating the comments and won’t display the voting comments till the end of this process to keep the result secret till its conclusion.
  • After the voting code mentioned above, you may also add the reason, why you voted for a particular post to help others know what you expect as a reader. Moreover, you may also mention the other posts that you liked though you can vote for just one of them.
  • In case there are multiple entries from any Blogger, while counting the votes received by him/her, the entries will be considered individually for the award.
The Votes will be discarded without any prior warning in case they are not sufficiently compatible with the rules.

So, if there is any query about voting or you do not find yourself blogrolled, feel free to drop in a mail at 'Contact The Marshal'. I'll try to get back to you asap.

Hoping to see dozens of votes this time
Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. I participated - Rahul Sharma
    I vote for - AVADA KEDAVRA; his/her postlink = iF i WERE A BABY AGAIN

  2. I participated -
    I vote for - Tuppence; his postlink =

    Tuppence expression of learning the realities of life and wanting to go back to being baby again to live it differently is expressed very well and is applauding…I liked it a lot…expressing the thoughts of child and of an adult is quite creatively done…

    I would also vote for Shruti-( ), for her thoughts on social cause, I like it when she says if she were a baby again she would love to share her comfort and luxury with her maid’s child…..lovely thought, good writing…!!


  3. I participated - Aneet D N

    I vote for - PUSHPEE; his/her postlink = If I were a baby again

    Highly "verse"-atile!

  4. I participated -

    I vote for - Vipul ; his/her bloglink =

    Vipul, this time I could not vote for anyone else. Your post was just tooo amazing!!!! :)
    If I could give another vote, it would have been to Mahesh Kalal, who also wrote a touching story about an orphan.
    I also liked these posts(in no particular order), for the creativity and the amazing writing style:
    Shruti, Rahul, Neeraj, Harsha, Prashant, Tuppence

    Btw, I have a complaint, Vipul. Looks like the paste capability has been disabled for the comment box :( I had to type all the URLs by hand, which was painful. Can you enable it in future?

  5. I did not participate but I am blogrolled by the name of Dreamer

    I vote for - Madhu Rao ; his/her postlink =

  6. I participated

    I vote for Vipul Grover

  7. Govind - i Participated If i were a baby

    I vote for - Madhu Rao YOU VOTE FOR; his/her postlink = Madhu's post

  8. I participated -

    I vote for - NARENDRA; his postlink =

    There were other great posts, with the ones by Pushpee, Mahesh, Neeraj and Guria being in My Top 5. What stood Narendra apart was the absolute power of the concept and abstractness of the narration. However, he could have done a better job in composing the sentences and overall narration. But, I still vote for him on the IDEA. And PUSHPEE - with a simple and elegant poem - came a close second in my books. Neeraj and Mahesh had wonderful posts that stirred me up; but, there were other few on similar lines, though not as good!! Guria's post gets into my list for another piece that stood apart on creativity.

  9. I did not participate but I am blogrolled by the name of Vishnu
    I vote for Soin; his/her postlink = HIS POST LINK

  10. I participated -

    I vote for - Rohini Prasanth; her postlink =

    I liked the approach towards the topic very much. Views have been expressed eloquently and the language, impeccable. Simple yet brilliant narrative style was an icing on the cake. I read it at least 3-4 times, and each time it made more sense. There is at least one sentence in every paragraph that is worth quoting.
    I read almost every post related to the topic in question, and I found Rohini's the best of the lot.
    Some of the other bloggers whose write-ups I really loved are Rahul, Madhu Rao sir, Debosmita, and Shruti. Since only had to be chosen, I preferred Rohini Prasanth.

  11. I participated - MY POST LINK
    I vote for - Govind; his/her postlink = HIS POST LINK

    I voted for Govind, as his narration of the post was funny and entertaining. I enjoyed reading his post

  12. I participated -

    I vote for - Rohini Prasanth; his/her postlink =

    Most participants made it more of a ‘If I were a Child Again’ post rather than what it was meant to be. It was tough making a choice between Rohini and Arjuna. What won Rohini over was within the scope of the topic, she really brought out the feelings of being a baby.

    I felt Rohini Prasanth’s post really deserved a vote because of the utter pleasure I derived out of reading her post. The flow was creamy smooth, she held my attention to the end and spoke of it the way I would relate to it. Awesome! Truly a delight! I love your style of writing Rohini!
    Arjuna – a very close second. Absolutely a reverse walk into being a baby again and then returning to the present. Neat work and you do make reading your post a delight. Very good.
    Pushpee – Really liked her modern take on it. It was apt considering how quickly our children are growing and how everyone is in a hurry to make it...the endless rat-race well portrayed. The flow could do with a bit of a tweak though.
    Raji – loved the content. The errors are a few in grammar. It is not that I am nitpicking but they stand out and divert attention from the content. I think it was a nice take on the theme.
    Vipul – emotive and touching post. Worth a read definitely. One, because the flow is really smooth. Second, the take on the theme was unique.
    Shilpa – loved the post. Made me want to be a baby again.
    These were mentioned because they stood out. It however doesn't mean others were not worth reading. They were. I can see myself following so many of these blogs for more content :)

    Thanx Vipul for this initiative!

  13. I participated -

    I vote for - Pushpee (Pushpa Moorjani); her post link =

    The reason i voted for her is because her post was very much on the topic. Also, it brought out the impact of technology on our lives. These days kids are becoming tech savvy at a very early age. Her post brought that out. If she were a baby again, she wouldn't have done what she had done when she actually was a baby. She would have been much more tech savvy. Really nice thoughts.

    The other posts which i really liked are (in no particular order)

    @ Niharika

    @ Debosmita

    @ Sudarshan Bengani

    @ Guria

    The reason why i voted for Pushpee and not the above was because i felt her post was very relevant. If the topic were not mentioned, then it would have been tough for me to decide between the above FIVE posts

  14. I participated -
    I vote for - #
    Debosmita ; his/her postlink =

    I voted this post for its happening instance (since ages),comprehensiveness, balanced objectivity, practical relevance, emotional appeal, apt narration, also for bringing up the hidden prejudices and bias in unnoticed and neglected corners of the family bonds, which though appear quite small, but create much larger impact on the victims on consequently on the society. Thanks a bunch Debosmitha and Blog-a-ton

    The close contenders are
    Shruti(Its PERFECT. its really tough call to place her second)
    Naveen (for its Objectivism)
    Pawan (Boldness)
    Sudharshan (Creativity and innovation)
    Vipul (axing the hypocrisy)

    I appreciate Richa and few others who questioned the literal dimension of the title

  15. I participated -
    I vote for -Vipul ; his postlink =

  16. My vote goes for Guria, whose post has mystified me :)

    Next preference is RSV for his extra cool "Forrest Gump" like narration.


  17. The final one :)

    I participated - If I were A Baby Again....
    I vote for - Madhu Rao; his postlink = IF I WERE A BABY AGAIN

  18. I participated -
    I vote for - Harsha; his/her postlink =

    I just loved his post as one, he stuck to the topic entirely and two, his was a very cute post..

    If there was another person I could vote for, It would be Madhu followed by ARJuna..

    I also liked Guria, Sudarshan, Debosmita and Prashant's posts!

  19. I participated -

    I vote for - Pushpee. His Postlink=

    This being a fun Blog-a-Ton this time , I made the choice for the ones with Humour..I debated between Harsha and Pushpee and finally ended up with Pushpee,"Shop my own Diapers" just took the cake!

  20. I participated -

    I vote for - Neeraj Shinde; his/her postlink =

    The story is very poignant and thought provoking. It lends a whole new meaning and responsibility to the topic.

    In addition, I find Madhu's post very sweet.

    Arjuna's thoughtful poem and lines "for childhood's rightful place was in my mind's eye" will always stay with me.

    On the whole the topic brought out myriad array of thoughts and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the entries. Lets all keep up the good work folks :)

  21. I did not participate but I am blogrolled by the name of MAKK ON OUR BLOGROLL.
    I vote for - ROHINI PRASANTH FOR; her postlink =

  22. I participated -

    I liked the posts (in the reading order) of Vipul (Realistic and touching), Madhu (sweet and touching), Saimanohar (emphasis on the happiness of the children), debosmita (capturing the discrimination girls face in families, Mahesh Kalal (moving), Harsha Chittar (Humor added the test) and Talking Scull (humor). I liked many other posts too and enjoyed them.
    To choose one is tough decision as always.

    I vote for - Harsha Chittar ; his/her postlink =

  23. I participated -
    I vote for - Neeraj Shinde; his postlink =

  24. I participated - MY POST LINK
    I vote for - Shruti; her postlink = HER POST LINK

    For the social message embedded in the post

  25. I am sorry could not vote this time as I did not enough time to go through all the posts in time.

  26. Yay!
    Mahesh as given me his fourth preference vote which happens to be my first vote in the Blog a ton so far!
    Thank you Mahesh!

    And congrats to Madhu Rao!

  27. yipee!! it was Madhu after all.. you really deserve it...

  28. Congrats Madhu !!!

    a Big thanks for Shruti for voting me(only vote :))
    and sorry for her.

    Thanks a lot for Aativas, Talking skull, evanescentthoughts for considering my post .