Monday, December 6, 2010

The Amateur Veteran

Have you come to vote for the BATOM 17? Click HERE to go to the Voting post, else continue on to read the Blog-A-Ton Xperience of a soon-to-be-inducted Blog-a-Tonic veteran.

Yikes. I’m a veteran Blog-a-Tonic now? :-o

Good heavens!! Now that makes me seem like an experienced blogger. I’m in the wrong class. Who made me graduate before I joined the college? No no. I’m still the amateur poet, maybe just an old hand in Blog-a-Ton.

Why am I here again? Oh yeah… yeah… I’m supposed to be writing on my Blog-a-Ton experience. Well, I started ten months back. Missed the first seven editions, frankly I had no idea what it was even though I’d read about it on a few blogs. It took Rashi’s winning entry for me to realize the platform of Blog-A-Ton was one through which I can get new friends and readers. My journey started there, with the topic suggestion post, where I commented supporting Time Travel.

One of my best friends says I’m a stats guru, because I keep track of some stats of my blog. So like that, the first friend I got from BAT was Vibhuti. I think she was the first to follow my blog, coming from BAT too. She’s a very close friend now, having got to know her after that through BAT, FB, and BPL etc etc. First cheer from Debosmita… we ended up getting just the one cheer each, coz I had cheered for her post on Time Travel too. First approved topic suggestion was Escape. It got majority backing on the second try, and I got a hat-trick of suggestions approved by the BAT crowd after that, Hidden and Wish following that. Two more of my suggested topics have got a majority backing after that, so 5/10 is a decent strike rate I guess.

With every BAT post, I’ve got better I think, and it has been delightful to write too. It is an inspiring place that can give an escape even when the mind seems captured by a writer’s block. It has got me friends like Vibhuti, Rumya, Tikuli, Pawan, Nethra, Avada, Debosmita, Vipul and many more. A lot of readers I’ve got too, and in the journey, I’ve got 2 BATOM badges so far as well. Twice I’ve ended runner-up as well. To see so many bloggers writing variety of posts on a similar topic is a nice thing to see. I hope it gets to its initial goal of 100 writers for an edition soon. A suggestion for Marshal and Blog-a-Tons for the future: the similar theme blog-a-ton is good, but let us be creative on the titles as well… like we did for that image based BAT. It’d be nice.

I think I’m dragging on, so this is Leo signing off. It’s been a pleasure to be part of BAT till now, and looking forward to further BATS as well.

The Amateur Poet, over and out.


  1. Hey, thanks for mentioning my name! BAT got me friends too but haven't been participating since awhile.

    Anyway, congrats! :)

  2. Heyyy LEO,
    my pal, my blogger buddy you are so NOT an amateur poet anymore. You are a veteran in every sense and this score at BAT does it!!!
    The deal is sealed. You are one of the most prolific, polished and entertaining writers amongst us. You make this blogging experience fun, real, good, clean, fun!!!
    And I don't flatter you because you mentioned me..;)

    3 cheers to Vipul for giving us such a wonderful pedestal where I have made such truly wonderful friends!!!

    HIP HIP Hoooooorahhhh!!! :D

  3. You seems to be too humble here.. You are the best man.. Win more and more BAT..

    --Someone is Special--