Friday, December 17, 2010

Welcome 3 more VETERANS and an IMPORTANT NEWS!!!

Hello friends, the List of Veteran Blog-a-Tonics has been growing since the first induction that took place on the first anniversary of this event some months back. Today, in this fourth induction ceremony, I'll be welcoming three new Blog-a-tonics to this coveted (or is it just me who thinks its coveted?) list.

Click on their respective names to read all their BAT entries

Tavish Chadha
  • Debut = BAT 5
  • 11/17 BATs
  • BATOM 8
  • BATOM 9
  • Debut = BAT 2
  • 10/17 BATs
  • BATOM 3

  • Debut = BAT 8
  • 10/17 BATs
  • GOLD BATOM 16 'tied'
  • Maximum Topics of the Month

Guria aka Sreya wants to share her award with Neha Thakkar who has anonymously contributed to her posts in Blog-a-Ton. I leave that decision to her.

I’ll like to share my gratitude to all these Blog-a-Tonics by inducting them in The List of Veteran Blog-a-Tonics' which takes the total number to 10. You will receive your badges soon.

And now the All Important News...

Friends, conducting this event month after month has been exhilarating but has also been tiring at times. I know this is a paradox but then this life itself is a big paradox.

Declaring the event open, conducting the topic discussion, holding the actual marathon and then proceeding to the voting and final declaration of BATOM was done by me playfully ALL IN A DAY’S WORK. But then, sometimes there develops a thin line between work and play and certainly I don’t feel that playful anymore.

Before I start philosophizing further and make a FOOL out of myself, I must RETURN to the news I wanted to share.

Without adding any further MYSTERY, I believe it’s time for me to take a break after conducting 17 successful BAT's which saw their own ups and downs.

Seeing the falling number of participations, I believe even you need a break; so that all of you can come back with a new vigour whenever I make a call for a new Marathon in future.

Believe me, this is not an ESCAPE and I really doubt if I’ll be able to remain HIDDEN for long. For that matter, the Marshal will always be present on Facebook to keep interacting with you.

I know some of you must be wondering WHAT IF we could TIME TRAVEL and jump to Blog-a-Ton 18 as soon as possible but believe me, the time for CELEBRATIONS will be back soon.

However, right now it is the time to say a momentary GOODBYE to all of you and I hope you all will miss Blog-a-Ton as much as it will miss you.

Leaving with a promise to be back
Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. NO !

    Please dont do that... i wanted to say...

    But then you need a break so... Just hoping you return at your earliest...

  2. Guria is mad!

    break is always good..but do come back soon :)

  3. Marshall,
    Why don't you share the load with interested people out here? I think a few of them will take the responsibility for conducting the event in a smooth manner. If there's anything I'll miss, then it is Blog a Ton

  4. Oh Lord! I was sensing this was coming!!! Really feeling very sad and will definitely miss BAT..
    See you in the New Year Marshall..
    Wish you and all of us at BAT a very Happy & prosperous New Year 2011..:D
    and Cheers to this wonderful blogger marathon once again..

  5. Hmmm.... It's not that tough to understand why this is happening. Fair enough, I'd say.

    At the same time, I thought Pawan's suggestion was quite valid... but it's totally upto you Marsh. If I were you and BAT were MY baby, I wouldn't give an inch of it. But then that's me.

    To conclude, I will take this opportunity to thank you for this wonderful forum you have given. I joined in late (even I don't know why) but I love to be a part of it. Thanks Marsh.

  6. Nooo..!!!!

    I will miss this..there were some times when i couldnot make it for the entry but I always enjoyed reading the BAT entries...!!!

    Will miss BAT...I understand dat a break is needed but...just remember that we are waiting..!!

    come back soon Marsh.!!!

  7. There goes 90% of traffic to my blog!!!!

  8. As much as I'll miss BAT, I think you do deserve a break n it's completely understandable. So do come back real soon. We all are looking forward to your return.

  9. Great job, Vipul. Sorry to see this monthly event end. I am extremely grateful to Blog-a-ton Indimag and cafe ginger chai for reviving my sagging intrest in blogging and making so many blogger friends. With Indi mag gone, Blog-a-ton going and no activity on cafe ginerg chai , I hope it is not curtains to my blogging tenure. Do hope Blog-a-ton returns and revives my blogging fortunes

  10. Oh God No.. and here I was thinking of returning with a good post after last month's absence but I do understand that everyone needs a break and you too are no different, Vikram said he lost 90% of his traffic for me it would be 100%.. Heck if it weren't for BAT I wouldn't even write those stories. Happy New Year to you all and Vipul wising you a wonderful return and hopefully some better posts in BAT Season 2. keep on rocking Bro.

  11. Dropping by... just to tell you we're missing BAT. :)

  12. Just when you return to blogging and you are lost the most sane thing to do would be BAT! For those hungry for comments! YES! for those hungry for traffic! GRANTED! for the dedicated readership, GIVEN! and above all awesomest blogger pals!! I thought it will be 12th again and when I visted nothing was here, I thought its postponed a week or so ...but nope! Its gone!! :( I will miss BAT and with me having opted out of Fb too I dont think there's any interaction left with BAT now :( well, everything happens for the best, as the cliche' goes! and i definitely think Vipul needs a break, perhpas a long one this time. so I wont gripe a lot...i was never an active part of BAT!

    hope to BAT again...Zindagi ne chaha toh!