Saturday, July 24, 2010

BAT 13 is here - Suggest a Topic


In the last one month Blog-a-Ton has achieved new heights on the occasion of its first anniversary. BAT 12 saw 70 entries competing for the BATOM award which was for the first time given to three BATonics including the runner-ups. We also successfully held BAT Meets in the cities of New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. You were also introduced to the BATonics who had participated in the first editon of BAT and have been regulars ever since. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

Before I open the BAT 13, lets welcome the new Blog-a-Tonics;

On the basis of the voting on this blog and on Facebook, we have narrowed down to just 3 Topics.

You have to vote for one of the following suggestions only.
    1. 13
    2. Goodbye
    3. Freedom
Please go through the following rules before voting;
  • While voting, also mention the serial number, the topic has. For example, '3. Freedom'
  • You should help in pruning down this list by voting for any of these topics even if you had suggested or voted for some other topic earlier.
  • Give your votes in the comments section of this post.
  • Do not embolden your comment using HTML bold tag.
  • Please keep these points in mind to make my job easier.
In case a comment is not posted according to these rules, it will be deleted.

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P.S. Before you leave, do read Pawan Maruvada's Wonderful Blog-a-Ton Experience.

Hoping to receive some interesting suggestions
 Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. As it is BAT 13, going with the number, I suggest JINXED !!!

  2. since 13 is considered as an unlucky number due to may superstitions, how about the topic "superstitions" for BAT 13? and august month even has friday the 13th ;)

  3. Hi all.I'm an amateur.Was totally excited about this concept of BAT.Though am late to chip in,can't wait to participate.Thanks so much for the add.Here's my link

    Kudos to Vipul,great job man :)

  4. Hello Vipul;

    Am first to suggest....

    I wish to suggest "DREAM"!!!

    Hope this merits the majority's approval...;-)

    Happy weekend to all...!!!

  5. My suggestion for BAT 13 would be, "LOVE LETTER", the most toughest topic to pen down but it gives a opportunity to express ourselves to the max.
    PS: Waiting for Leo's suggestion, the winning suggestion...

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  6. Righto. 70 last time... Hope its more this time.

    My topic suggestion is: ANOTHER.

    Lot of different genre posts can come for this I think. :)

    (PS: my nets acting cranky, apologies if my comment has come more than once)

  7. Hey, I think we should do 'Freedom' this time to celebrate the 15th of August. What say guys? :D

  8. 13

    I think it is the most apt topic for BAT 13. Wat say?

  9. took my breath away..
    i have always wanted to write on this, could be anything, its a subjective topic, may be real or surreal!

  10. Hi VIPUL ...

    How are you ?
    Hope you are going great.

    I have one ..Topic ..
    ONLINE FRIENDSHIP : A False Positive ?.


    Vivek Chamoli

  11. I am suggesting a topic at BAT after a long gap.. My last suggestions were "What if..." and "Time Travel" a long time back...
    What about the topic "Goodbye"?


  12. Topics suggested till now
    1. Jinxed
    2. Superstitions
    3. Dream
    4. Love Letter
    5. Another
    6. Freedom
    7. 13
    8. Took my breath away
    9. ONLINE FRIENDSHIP : A False Positive?
    10. Relativity
    11. long distance love
    12. Goodbye
    13. Life
    14. Lunacy
    Either vote for any one of these topics or suggest a new one.

  13. I am confused on which one to choose...:) So finally I decided to suggest a topic: 'Conversation with God' :P

  14. At this rate we'll never be able to lock down on one! :P PLEASE Marshal make people select and not suggest now on. :D This appears to be a challenging BAT from the selections itself..13th it is..hehehe

  15. Since August 1st is Friendship Day, why not something on friendship and friends?

    I suggest "Friendship" or simply "Friends".

  16. My suggestion is 10.Relativity.Haven't seen many blog posts which throws perspective on this.

  17. As m new to blog-a-ton, please tell me how give my blog's link for getting blogrolled

  18. 5. Another

    This topic leaves the field wide open and one is only limited by ones imagination :)

  19. Hell so many suggestions last time was good for only three choices .. ok so 1 it is I am choosing 1. Jinxed as the Topic for BAT-13

  20. extremely confused..each topic seems as intriguing as the other..ummm..

    4. Love letter

    though I still have a few other choices :P

  21. out of all the above, I like two topics. I couldn't decide on one so lemme tell you both...

    I like jinxed and Goodbye

  22. Hmmm.. I suggest "Online Friendship : A False Positive?"

  23. I will stick to my "Dream" Vipul...:)

    My dream is to win...just dream, no harm, right???

  24. P.S.

    I beg of you fellow BAT writers, "Dream" is nice isn't it?

    So why not "Dream" for the rest who have not suggested yet...:))

  25. Friends, I am not sure if the topic discussion is going the right way.

    Topics like Love Letter, Online Friendship, Conversation with God and Long Distance Love are just too narrow in scope. We are looking for more abstract topics which give full freedom to the blogger to write about.

    Topic like Dream is too similar to Wish and What if which have already been the topics in previous BATs.

    Relativity has been suggested by someone anonymously and as per rules it can't be considered.

    I should have brought this up earlier and being a little busy over the weekend collated the topics in a hurry.

    so I am posting a new list of possible topics

  26. Vote for any of the following -

    1. Jinxed (or Superstition)
    2. Another
    3. Freedom
    4. 13
    5. Took my breath away
    6. Goodbye
    7. Life
    8. Lunacy
    9. Friends

  27. No. 4) 13

    Very apt for 13th BAT :D

  28. 4. 13 - it is apt and a range of stuff can be covered as well within the topic.

    Sorry for not providing link. Please blogroll.


  29. Hi
    Well am new here & wondering if I can participate as well? my blog link
    & I'd vote for 5.Took my breath away..

  30. So many votes for relativity... :P
    is this a true measure of the demographic of indian blogosphere?
    13 or relativity

  31. i vote for *another* since my dream was phased out...:P

  32. relativity was ruled out :P so i go for Life :D

  33. 8 : Lunacy .

    Many of the other topics such as life , freedom r mere offshoots of a lunatic mind.. You cant have a life or b free if you dont live on the edge.. for only a lunatic can change the set rules n break free !!!

  34. There is hardly anybody who has voted for the topic Jinxed, which happens to be my first choice..
    So I'll stick to my second option Goodbye.

    Goodbye it is.

  35. On the basis of the voting on this blog and on Facebook, we have narrowed down to just 3 Topics.

    You have to vote for one of the following suggestions only.

    1. 13
    2. Goodbye
    3. Freedom

  36. I vote for Goodbye too :)

  37. i'll vote for goodbye too :P tho i hope i don't say "goodbye" to BAT13 ;) :P