Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog-a-Ton Meet Mumbai edition

We emailed. We decided. We met. We talked. We laughed. We had cutting chai (which wasn't cutting, was it?)

Parth had Irish coffee. Parth said, "What baccha?". We talked some more. We took (a few) pics. Dishit made a famous theater person to take our pics. We think he was shocked. We left.

My sincere thanks to all of you that came. I'm sorry I'm posting from my phone so I can't link your names and blogs but you know who you are. Thanks for coming and be a part of the first ever BaT meet. :)

This is me, PC signing off.

An Update from the Marshal
Read here what Gkam has to say about the Mumbai Meet.


  1. ok, now my favourite joint and I missed the meet..I so wish I could make it, but got some personal commitments so could not attend..there is always a next time..what say guys? :)

    and I loved all the pictures..thanks Rashi :)

  2. RV Parth's Irish coffee pic? :P Besides I think that celebrity was visibly amused at us LOL

    PS. please e-mail me the pics

  3. Hey friends a big thanx to all you for joining the Blog-a-Ton Anniversary Celebrations. In case you write about the meet on your blogs, do share your links.
    A special thanks to Rash for making it possible and also for encouraging me to go for the meets when I had nearly finalized to ditch the idea :)

  4. Here you go vipul: Mumbai's BAT meet

    PS: I personally thank you for starting BAT. I hope this blogging journey continues with many more such anniversaries to come...
    Hopefully an All India meet some time!

  5. Thanks Rashi for the invite ! It really was fun meeting you all guys !!

  6. Wow. Not having my lappie made me a miss a lot of things. I am sorry for not having seen or responded to this earlier.

    It was lovely meeting all of you. Especially so, now, that I am in Chennai.

    Dishit has all the pics so ask him? and STOP thanking me. I just decided the place (that too after a lot of emailing YOU people), all of YOU came to it. So yeah, thanks to BaT then :P