Friday, July 9, 2010

The Dent in the Blogverse!!!

What is intellectual, bald, little kid in half pant and tongue out?

Of course no points for guessing, Marshal.

Which is the ossum idea that caused the dent in the Universe, atleast Blogverse? Blog-A-Ton!!!

Now looking at the title of post, you may think I am writing a intelligent article which will be praising marshal, Blog-A-Ton and all that, but no, you see, I am going to share you the secret of Blog-A-Ton. Now as this post was supposed to be about my experience with Blog-A-Ton, I am going to share the timeline of Blog-A-Ton with me in it, and you will be surprised to know, I was there in all of them. Sacchi.

The first and foremost formula used by Blog-A-Ton, was identifying the Cream and Scum of Blogging, the purpose was to clear the scum in the beginning of the event. You see, once that was settled all we were left was enjoying the cream.

For me, Blog-a-ton was glory, I started blogging in 2006 and no one, not even the monkey who was randomly typing on computer reached my blog. I did force my friends to read it, threatening to spam their email inbox if they don't comment (hmmm... should do that now no?) but only few visited, because others didn't mind, they already had Microsoft-yahoo lotteries and special sex capsules in their inbox.

So I was looking for different options to show the world that I am still there, when I accidentally reached Indiblogger and 3 followers. So profound was I about this discovery, if I had a jacuzzi in my house, I would run around naked shouting 'Eureka,' anyways, just after a week of discovering the indiblogger, I reached the ultimate site, Blog-a-ton. I am not sure from where I landed, because I was exploring many blogs and their widgets and stuff.

Those who do not know, I joined Blog-a-Ton in first 12 people the glory event, the small step for our marshal, but a giant leap for bloggers and then like a big wall of dominoes it all came crashing down. Whatever Marshal may say, I am sure he did not envision blog-a-ton to grow this way. This is the only event which has an ordered chaos, yet it succeeds.

Blog-a-Ton will be a blogging event that I always hold close to my heart. The 'Blog-a-Tonic of the month' golden widget was a small contribution from me to the great plan of Blog-a-Ton and I am sure we have a lot more words to run.

Heres wishing all the Blog-a-tonics, all the best for Blog-a-Ton #12 and a big cheers to many more Blog-A-Tons to come along the way with more interesting post and stuff. :D

The cake we ate for the 1 year celebration in Pune.

P.s. I will win Blogaton one day. Hu hu ha ha ha.

P.p.s. Those who do not know me (seriously, I would like to meet you o_O) I blog at Sidoscope, Ravan's guide to Life, Relationships and Career, Because Life is seriously funny.

P.p.s. The badge on top is just a concept, not an official badge of Blogaton.

P.p.p.s. Is P.p.p.s even a thing? o_O



  1. Arre wah sid.. I can never imagine your blog without a single follower.. Sacchi (exactly the way you say it)

  2. Man, I never knew BAT did so much for you.. and you think you'll pay the karzzzzz by just designing a badge.. Huh, send in some money!!!

  3. ha ha pppppps! nice post sid... as always! and now i am all set to join u guys here!

  4. Liked the un-official badge and a true sid style post he he!!

  5. Haha, that was fun to read!

    PS: I missed the Pune cake too! :(

  6. I have participated in BAT12. And please blogroll me.
    Thanks. It's good to be part of BAT. :)