Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A to Z of My BAT Experience

Blog-a-Ton turns ONE, this month! And I turn ONE on Blog-a-Ton too!! Yeah, I have had the pleasure of participating in all the 12 Blog-a-Tons!!
When, Vipul asked me to share my BAT experience here, was I thrilled?? Well, that’s putting it mildly.
So, here’s my BAT experience from A to Z…
An ‘Aha’ Experience… Awesome!! Amazing!! has been my BAT experience. No, I am not saying this coz, I am doing the guest post here. And believe me, neither did Vipul ask me to say so!!
Blogging Marathon… BAT is a blogging marathon par excellence. All the activities, announcements are on time, as per the schedule. That’s something commendable!
Cool Comments Needless, to say that BAT posts always receive the maximum comments, which is like elixir for any blogger!
Diverse Diversity It’s always awe-inspiring to see such diverse thoughts and expressions on a topic.
Excellent Exposure Looking for that perfect exposure in the blogosphere?? BAT is the platform!!
Friends Forever Have found some wonderful people here. Thank you BAT!!
Great Experience The whole process of deliberating, expressing, sharing, understanding, learning at BAT is a great experience.
Hats Off Hats off to Vipul for hosting such a wonderful contest.
Ideas Galore A BAT post which was on a format of a research paper, simply floored me. There have been pretty innovative and imaginative ways of presentation of BAT posts…Lists, A to Z, Puzzles, Picture Posts…
Journey Joyous 12 months and 12 BAT posts with a winner post too is a joyous journey, truly!
Knowledge Everywhere Knowledge is the food of the soul… and I got it in abundance at BAT.
Learning Experience BAT has opened my world to newer forms of expressions viz Drabble, Minisaga, Cinquain, Haiku, 77 Fiction, Mirror poetry…
Midnight Oil It Is… Somehow, I have always written for BAT on a late Friday night. May be subconsciously the idea is, “Early bird…” :D
New Networks BAT has been a wonderful platform for networking too.
OMG!! There have been many ‘OMG moments’ with BAT. An amazing write-up, an unexpected twist, a beautiful and poignant tale, an appreciative feedback… all left that lingering wonderful feeling.
Plus Plus Plus… Being a part of BAT has been ALL PLUS + PLUS… and not a single Minus!!
Quite a Lot Coming Together With each BAT, more of our brethren are coming together and blogging together. That’s something cool!
Reading Galore With each new edition of BAT, the number of posts to read is on the rise. So the more you read, the more you learn…
Some Serious Fun Yeah, BAT is some serious fun!! I had loads of it!!
Topics The topics have been great for almost all the BATs. Though, there were a couple of them, which I didn’t fancy much.
United We Stand BAT is unity in action! Truly!
Vote for… Ah! This has been the toughest part.
Winner is… Refreshing the BAT page every other second after the deadline (10 or 11 pm), to know the winner would surely cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, some day!
Xtra Xtra For… You get extra marks, extra love, extra fun for good writing at BAT!
Your Post on Your Blog! Nothing could be better than this and I’m lovin’ it!!
Zeal and Zest Continues… A year with BAT but my zeal and zest to participate in BAT continues. How about you??
Here’s wishing a very Happy 1st Birthday to all Blog-a-Tonics!! And a great fun time too, at BAT!!
Cheers :)
Shilpa Garg


  1. ah, ekdum Shilpaish post..simply amazing..only you can execute it Shilpa..all the points are amazing and very apt for the Blog-a-Ton..I have been reading BAT posts for a long time now, sometimes silently while the other times i do leave a word behind..

    lovely gift to the first anniversary of BAT :)

  2. Well Shilpa it was surely an 'Aha' experience to read this post :)
    You have been a pillar of BAT, keep participating month after month..
    Nd ofcourse thanx for showering all the praises :)

  3. this month was my first step into the BAT world...and i have already started experiencing the A to Zs :)

    Glad to be in this August company :)

  4. I dunno if I still am a part of this wonderful experience called BAT, You see as the Marshall will know I have been bunking the past few BAT events...Of course even exams are not an apt excuse for bunking them... But it's great to know that Blog-A-Ton is reaching such heights especially due to Vipul's great efforts in the process and the spontaneous participation. I just can't help feeling proud that I have contributed in christening this awesome phenomenon...doing my bit makes me feel a part of it!!!

  5. Hey Shilpa, very well said! Wish was my 2nd participation in BAT and must say Comments flow in the maximum when we are a part of BAT!!

    How i wish, i had been a part of this since BAT-1 :(((

  6. Hey ARJuna, u have evry reason to be proud.. I hop 2 c u more regularly here :)

  7. u know wat, after participating this time and after reading this post i feel like i've been missing on a lot. der se aayi par duroost!

  8. Journey Joyous indeed! Shilpa ... Kudos for participating in each and every edition and being the first ever certainly are an inspiration for absentees likes me ...

  9. What a marvelous journey indeed! and so rightly put Shilpa!
    Here 's to Blog-a-ton and many more wonderful birthdays ahead! :)
    505 and counting!

    P.S. BAT has gone pink!? Vipul, wassup? :D *mini wave in celebration*