Monday, July 5, 2010

Jab We Met : Blog-a-Ton Delhi Chapter

Date - 4th July
Venue - Barista, Connaught Place, Delhi

We had a reason to celebrate; Blog-a-Ton turned one and the city wise meets were planned. It was a Sunday and the weather gods were happy too. So we all met at the Barista. People started joining in and slowly we were a group of 13.

The agenda was to meet up, get introduced, eat the cake, do some chit chat and then leave. It started off slow with casual discussions on blog platforms and problems that few of us might face with different browsers, platforms etc.

We then moved on to each one and their blogs and what a discussion it was. Everyone talked about what made them start with blogging and what all do they write. With each one getting few minutes of spotlight, stories started coming out. Some wrote for a social cause, some for bringing a change, some for the love of writing and some just for love; but what was common in each one of us, that we enjoyed thoroughly this world of words.

The cake brought by Geetanjali was a visual treat and even yummylicious to eat.

Lot of pictures followed the cake cutting ceremony and it definitely did not look like a group of people that met just few hours back. We then scribbled a line or two on a white t-shirt about the meet. The Marshal - Vipul actually wore the Tee and here it is (please focus on the comments and not on the pot belly :P)

 More pictures followed and we finally said a bye with plans of another meet soon. I thoroughly enjoyed organizing the entire event and being a part of it was even bigger fun.

 I would like to mention here the contribution of Himanshu Shekhar  in helping me find the right place for the meet.

Also, a special mention to Vipul Grover for starting B-A-T and getting us all together.

Long live BAT :) :)

P.S. for more pictures -

P.P.S. I shall soon post with a line or two on each of the participant. Watch out for more :)

Richa S.

An Update from the Marshal
Taking our tagline 'If its Your Post, It looks Best on Your Own Blog', too seriously, our Delhi Meet Marshal saved the best part of her write up for her own blog. So also visit here to read her take on all those who attended the meet including me.

And here are some more pictures from my camera -


  1. voww...i missed all that :(
    seems like u all had a blast..
    richa,where are you?can't recognise you?
    and whus dat guy in brown shirt? looks gud,han..

  2. vipul's tee was a grt idea....i wana write too -
    Hey bat,u simply rock...wish u hundreds of more birthdays to come...muha...muha...

  3. @Nikita: We sure did have a blast. And that guy in Brown Shirt is Himanshu. I have given his blog link in the post :) :)
    For more info: u have my gtalk id ;)

  4. So Nikita, next time do not miss the meet and I assure u the brown shirt guy will be thr :p
    Hey Richa, nice cute updat about the meet.. thnx 4 being sch a gr8 support.. Looking fwd to ur take on all attendees and i mean all :p

  5. Wow that was Nice ...I Missed it I was having My classes next time if it is there , I will make sure to attend it ...will be nice a experience.

  6. wow what a meet. surely did miss it but then work made me away...hope to manage next time. The weather was trully awesome!
    Nice meet :)

  7. Whoa...seems you all had a great time...good for you guys!!!
    I missed the meet organized by the Mumbai chapter had to be with the family :(
    But will make sure that I make it next time.

  8. I surely missed something big!! sounds so much fun! I am gonna surely be there at the next meet :)

    Long love BAT!

  9. I too will join you guys in the next meet...

    and the cake does look yummmm

  10. Short and sweet post(Barista's sugar effect :D)

  11. just came around to see the pictures and say - Hi Marshal :P

  12. I wish I was in Delhi, I could've got my hands on the delicious looking cake... :P LOL
    Mumbai Chapter meet was great; missed all those who couldn't make it

  13. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun :)

  14. Thanx Vipul for the was such a great experience :)
    God Bless U

  15. Hi Nehaaaaaaa.. U dhokhebaaz didnt cum haan x-(

    Hey gkam, u surely missed the cake :p

    yeah right IHM.. Join us nxt time :D

    Hey geetanjali if God keeps blessing me, what will happen to the othrs :p thnx :)